I love when God answers the big prayers! The seemingly impossible things – the miracles! That being said, I have come to love when He begins to answer those little prayers just as much.

Last Friday, God answered two seemingly small prayers in a big way and I am rejoicing every time I think about it.

When I say small prayers, I mean things that are not life-altering and things I could easily live without, yet, they are a desire of my heart.

One prayer God answered was concerning a little leather book someone had donated to our ministry library. This small leather book was called Thanksgiving & Praise. It was something that had obviously been a treasure to someone because most of the scriptures in it were underlined.

I just loved this little book, it was full of nothing but scriptures on thanksgiving and praise. I often carried it to remind myself to always have a heart of thanks.

Now, while I loved this little book, I wished it was not written in. I am not against writing in books and Bibles, I write in all of mine.

When I write in mine and then go back to that underlined section, I am reminded of the moment or the day God caused it to come alive in my heart. Therefore, I wished I had one of these same books without the writing, so that I could make it my own.

I had looked online several times and could not find one that was not written in. Since they are no longer in print, and it was quite an old book, I was searching for a needle in a haystack. I wanted a new one, or like new, that did not look used…to make my own.

One day last week, I was online ordering some office supplies when something popped up saying they had one of these books…still in the box. I thought ‘you must be kidding!’ So, I clicked on the link, read the email several times and even contacted the owner of the business. Sure enough, a few days later, I had a brand new, still in the box, copy of this wonderful little leather book. I am so thankful.

On that same day, Breanne called me to tell me she had received a notice from Rhema that our order had shipped. What order? The order with our Bibles in it.

Prayer answered #2.

A little over a year ago, I began looking for a Rhema Study Bible. Just like the little leather book, this Bible has been out of print for many years. It was the Kenneth E. Hagin Study Bible and it was filled with wonderful notes on faith.

I searched and searched and found only a few. The few I found were hundreds of dollars and even thousands of dollars. While I really wanted one, I was not willing to pay that for one. After months of searching every used book store anywhere near me, I let it go and gave it to God.

I said ‘God, I would really like to have one of these bibles, but I can’t find one that is reasonably priced, could You please get me one of these bibles?’

That was early last year. I had stopped looking but I kept the desire in my heart.

Last month, when we received the Word of Faith magazine from Rhema, on the inside of the front cover was an ad. It said Kenneth E. Hagin Study Bible, to pre-order call…’

Oh, my word! They decided to bring the Bible back, at least for a limited time.

Now, I am funny about Bibles, I want them to be genuine leather, I need them to hold up a long time because I really really use my Bible. And I want the paper to be nice and hold up as well.

Last Friday, my little leather book arrived, brand new, AND my Kenneth E. Hagin Study Bible arrived. It is a beautifully made Bible, genuine soft leather, feels wonderful and I love all the notes inside. I am blessed beyond measure!

As I was pondering all this today, I am reminded of the scripture that says he who is faithful in little things will be ruler over much.

It is God, Himself, who set this standard. What He is saying is if you are faithful in little then you can be trusted to be found faithful in much.
Therefore, I see this same standard in the God who answers little prayers. He is faithful in little and I can trust that He will also be faithful in the BIG prayers.

You see, when that little leather book came into my hands, out of nowhere, it increased my faith.

When Kenneth Hagin Ministries decided to bring back that Bible after many years, it again, increased my faith.

I know if my God answers the desires of my heart, He will certainly answer the cries of my heart. He is faithful…oh so faithful! He is faithful in little and He is faithful in much.

To God be all the Glory!

The only truth about your situation is what God has said about it.