keysToday I woke up thinking about the scripture found in 2 Chronicles 26:5 that says “as long as he sought the Lord, He made him to prosper.”

I am a seeker of God; I have been for many years. Still, sometimes I go through dry seasons. During those seasons, I have little or no desire to pray or study or read my Bible. The desire is not there, yet I know the power of seeking – so I continue to spend time with God and eventually come through that dry time.

There have been times when I wasn’t able to spend much time with the Lord that I have found myself feeling guilty. I have found myself thinking ‘oh, I haven’t spent time with God therefore He may not take care of me.’ Let me clear this up – that is a thought from the devil – God’s covenant does not change if you have a time that you are unable to spend time with God, as you would like. So, for those of you who don’t feel like you have enough time in His presence, don’t feel condemned, simply begin to make time for God and He will move on your behalf as you continue to be led by Him.

That being said, time in His presence DOES change you. It empowers you. In this scripture ‘sought’ means to practice, study, consult or inquire of the Lord. Prosper means to advance – therefore as long as you are inquiring of the Lord, consulting Him, whether it is a two minute prayer or 8 hours a day, as long as you seek – He will guide you into a prosperous place.

This causes me to think of another scripture – it is found in 3 John 1, 2 – it talks about prospering as your soul prospers, but what is your soul? Your soul as described in the Bible dictionary is the seat of your feelings, desires, affections, and your heart. It is also described as the vital force which animates the body.

If we don’t prosper in our innermost being – our soul – we will never prosper Gods way in the natural. Our soul is our vital force which animates the body – gives life and breathe to the body – it must prosper in order for us to truly prosper.

In the scripture found in 3 John, to prosper means that we will be led by a direct and easy way. It also means to grant a prosperous and expeditious journey. Here is the point I want to make. When our soul prospers we are led by God on a direct and easy way. Think about the children of Israel and how they wandered in the wilderness for forty years. Think about the things you feel that you have dealt with for years or that you have dealt with over and over. If your soul is prospering, God will lead you in a direct and easy way. God will grant you a prosperous and expeditious journey – in other words, He will take you a shorter and easier route – if you will only listen and obey.

That is the benefit of a prosperous soul and what an amazing benefit it is. Now, back to our first scripture – in order for our soul to prosper, we must seek the Lord. When we seek Him, He will cause us to prosper.

My friend, you are in covenant with God – He will not break His covenant. How much or how little you prosper in Him is entirely up to you. It’s not only the amount of time you spend with Him – it’s the amount of surrendering of yourself that you give to Him. You see, He has already given you all He is. It’s up to you to give Him all you are. It’s up to you to trust Him to give you new desires. It’s up to you to allow Him to change you from the inside out – to cause your soul to prosper to the point that the prosperity begins to come out of you and cause everything in your life to prosper.

It is entirely up to you if you want to go a long and hard road or the direct and easy way – the way is dependent upon the amount your soul prospers. I used to have a lot of plants in my home – if a plant was looking poorly, I would often sit it in a window so it could get more sun. That plant would begin to reach up toward that sunlight – as it did – it would grow and prosper. It literally grew toward the sun.

So it is with us – if you are feeling poorly today, set yourself under the SON, allow His light to cause you to grow and prosper – reach up toward Him and allow Him to prosper your soul – as you do – everything around you will begin to prosper. It will be just as scripture says – as long as you seek Him, lean on Him, move toward Him – He, Himself will make you to prosper. He will do it, just give Him the opportunity to prosper you – His way.

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