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Do you realize that the presence of God is the absolute greatest gift we can give as believers? If you have the tangible presence of God in your life you can change lives, including your own. You can bring peace into a situation that is chaos, if you have the presence of God in your life. You will change atmospheres if you have the presence of God in your life.

However, few Christians carry the presence of God. There are very few people I know, or places I know that you can walk into or be around and feel the tangible presence of God. It is rare and it shouldn’t be, it should be a daily part of the life of every Christian.

If His presence isn’t present you won’t find a yoke-destroying-burden-removing anointing. If His presence is absent you will not find peace that passes understanding. If His presence isn’t there, it will be hard to find unshakable faith. His presence is the thing that makes the difference.

Psalm 9:3 says your enemies perish at the presence of the Lord. Psalm 17:2 says that vindication comes in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 16:11 says there is fullness of joy one place, in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 31:20 says we are safe from plots of man and strife of tongues in the presence of the Lord.

When the Bible talks about the secret place, it is referring to the presence of the Lord, God’s presence is the secret place. Psalm 140 says the righteous dwell in the secret place of the presence of the Lord. You will also find in Matthew 6:6 that Jesus says the Father is found in the secret place.

With all that being said, may I ask you a question; is God’s presence present in your life this day? Do others sense His presence when they are around you? Do others sense the peace of God when they are in your presence? Is His tangible presence a part of your daily life? Be honest with yourself, is His presence vital to you and obvious in your life?

If your answer is yes…then you can change lives. People need to be in the presence of the Lord – it is life-changing. Enemies flee; people are set free in His presence. Healing flows in His presence. Yokes are destroyed in His presence. People are restored and renewed in His presence.

If your answer is no, then something needs to change. You don’t even realize what is missing until you have spent time in His presence…and spent time in His presence until He has come and made His abode with you, there is nothing like it; at least nothing here on this earth.

I want to encourage you today – spend time daily in His presence, not just in prayer, not just reading the word of God, spend time basking in His presence…you will never be the same, nor will anyone around you.

I have been thinking about his presence a lot lately. It reminds me of when we first began our Friday night worship meetings…a gathering of worshippers. It was awesome. I taught on worship and then we spent time worshipping God…when we left that place His presence was tangible and was within us and on us. I could not stop thinking about His presence for days. I spent more time worshipping that weekend because His presence is so near. And the peace …I had so much peace…that kind of peace comes from spending time in His presence.

As I was thinking about this today I came across a word from Marsha & Bill Burns website. I want to share it with you. It is from Debra Lowe:

I desire for you to find out there, out there in the world where you live, My peace. Not just in the sanctuary in the midst where all of my children lift up their hands and worship Me in peace, away from the overpowering voices of the enemy, but you must take the power of My peace out there where the enemy is attacking, out there where the enemy is telling you that you cannot have this peace. Know this, that the only way you’re going to live here under My shadow where peace dwells, is you must practice it by doing it every day.

This secret place, and it is a place that I have provided for My children, you must find it daily. You must find your way to the secret place because from here it is where you win every battle. From here is where the enemy must bow his knee to every word that you speak in agreement with My Word. From here it is where, when you decree a thing it will happen, not from the place of fear, not in the midst of anxiety, but here in the secret place where My peace abides. It is where you are not rushed or hurried, where the enemy can not push you into doing and saying things that otherwise you would never do from the secret place of peace. This is where and how you do battle from the secret place. This is where you win and you ascribe to knowing Me more clearer, from this secret place. And so I say to you, make it your aim and your goal to seek Me daily, to find this secret place where you hear Me so clearly. Where you can sense My presence so strongly where you know that I will never leave you nor forsake you, where you understand secret things and hear in this peace. So I say to you, when you leave this place do not forget this moment.

That kind of peace will not come if we only spend time with God on Sundays and Wednesdays – it comes when we spend time in His presence daily. Let’s make room in our lives to spend daily time with God – it will absolutely change everything around you.

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