images-4This past Monday, on the Healing Prayer Call, I taught on the power of a testimony. I know many of you were on that call, but many were not and I felt prompted of the Lord to share what God showed me with you if you didn’t get to hear the teaching.

For the past couple weeks God has been speaking to me about testimonies. It started when I witnessed the car accident I shared with you a couple weeks ago.

I want to share some scriptures with you concerning testimonies.

Deuteronomy 6:17 says; “You shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord your god, His testimonies, and His statues which He has commanded you.”

I find it interesting that God puts testimonies with His commandments and statues; testimonies are that important to Him…and should be to us as well.

There are several other scriptures that talk about testimonies, from that alone we see that testimonies are important to God.

Commandments are defined as a code of wisdom, to command, and the ten commandments.
Statues are defined as an ordinance, limits, prescribed portion, inscribed decrees.
Finally, testimonies are defined as, a testimony, that which you witness and evidence.

Recently I came across a book that teaches about the original Hebrew language and how their words create pictures. I was intrigued to find that the letters in the word testimony are as follows; ayin – to see, the eye. Dalet – a door. Vav – Hook, nail. And Tav – a sign.

I see from this original pictures letters that a testimony is an amazing thing. It depicts what we see, and a door into. It also depicts a hook or nail and a sign. So, what is it saying?

It is saying when we hear or see a testimony, it is an open door, one which we can see, a sign to show us that whatever the testimony is, it is also a door for us to walk through to experience the same testimony or the same miracle.

We see this often in the church. We hear someone get up and give a testimony of healing and as they give their testimony others receive the same healing. Why? Because the door was opened for that miracle and they had faith to lay hold of their miracle.

After I witnessed the car accident, which could have been a bad outcome, yet turned out to be a miracle, I have seen several other miracles take place simply because I saw that miracle and it gave me faith AND other people faith that if God would do that for this woman then He would do it for them. And He did. That testimony opened a door and released power to believe for miracles.

God is no respector of persons, what He did for one, He will do for you.
Years ago I heard Perry Stone preach about a seed he had sown and what God did with that seed. That night my faith walked through that door, the one that was opened by his testimony, I sowed a seed and God did the same thing for me.

I had a friend, after hearing the testimony of the car accident, she was able to believe God for a miracle for her friend. She knew if God did it for one, He would do it for another.

Bill Johnson says when you hear a testimony, God release the power of God in that testimony to DO IT AGAIN…that is exactly what I am seeing…a testimony carries within it the power to do it again.

Friends, keep Gods word, absolutely! And keep His testimonies and yours. Talk about them, tell your family, tell your friends, as you do, doors will open for them to see the same miracles! God is just good like that!

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