Yesterday, the Lord reminded me of the life-changing power of His presence, seen through the face of a friend.

It happened several years ago. I received a call that a friend who lived out of town and wanted to make an appointment to come by the office. It was an unusual request therefore I inquired about the reason for her visit. I was told she probably wanted prayer. We set the appointment and I awaited her arrival the following day.

When she arrived, we sat down and talked for quite a while, she never mentioned needing prayer. I waited for her request, not knowing what the prayer need was and not wanting to pry. The request never came.

In the midst of our conversation, I shared with her about the prayer room we had established in our offices at the time. At one point, I gave her a tour around the offices, including the prayer room. I told her how people would come by and go into the prayer room to pray and get alone with God when needed. I recall, when we exited the prayer room, she became silent.

This prayer room had been cultivated over time. Many had prayed, worshipped, and praised in it. Scriptures were everywhere, soft worship music played in the background. Sweet smelling candles filled the air. It was a pleasant and inviting room indeed. Most of all, it was filled with the peaceful presence of Almighty God. His presence engulfed you when you walked in the door. He had made His abode there.

As our visit ended, she asked if she could go into the prayer room for a while. “Sure” I happily responded, “Take your time.” After an extended period of time in the prayer room she came out, literally glowing with the presence of God. I knew God had met her in that room. I also knew whatever her reason for coming to the ministry was, God, Himself had taken care of it. She received what she needed without ever asking for prayer.

After this timely reminder, I couldn’t stop thinking about the presence of God and the effect it has on people. It truly is the absolute greatest gift we can give as believers. If you are a carrier of the tangible presence of God, peace will surround you. Healing will be in your midst. Deliverance will be within you – because HE is within you in a mighty way.

Yet, few Christians carry the presence of God. As I write this today, I can think of very few places where the presence of God is tangible. It is rare and it shouldn’t be – it should be a daily part of the life of every Christian. Just like it was with Jesus.

Without His presence, life can be hard. However, if His manifested presence is present, the yoke- destroying, burden removing anointing is there. Unshakable faith will be there.

Psalm 9:3 says our enemies perish at the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 17:2 says that vindication comes in the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 16:11 says there is fullness of joy one place, in the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 31:20 says we are safe from plots of man and strife of tongues in the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 140 says the righteous dwell in the secret place of the presence of the Lord. (that secret place IS His presence)

Jesus says in Matthew 6:6 the Father is found in the secret place.

With this pivotal reminder today, I had to ask myself some questions. Is that degree of the presence of God still present in my home? Or my office? We no longer have that office building – is His presence in the new place the same as it was in the place of our humble beginnings? If not, why?

Revelations 2:4 says, But I have this [one charge to make] against you: that you have left (abandoned) the love that you had at first [you have deserted Me, your first love]. (Amp)

Often, we begin our walk with the Lord with a passion that invites His presence to come and abide – then He blesses us – because that’s what He does for those who seek Him diligently. As the blessings flow, life becomes busy, and we often neglect the very thing that caused us to enter into His blessings. Time with Him. Intimate time in His presence. When that happens, His presence slowly begins to ebb away, without us even knowing it. Oh, He’s still there. We still seek Him and worship Him but it’s not the same. It’s no longer an abiding, it becomes more of a daily or weekly visit.

Today, I want to ask you a question. Is the tangible presence in your home? In your life? Do others sense His presence when they are around you? Do others sense the peace of God when they are in your presence or when they walk into your home? Is His tangible presence a part of your daily life? Be honest with yourself, is His presence vital to you and obvious in your life?

If your answer is yes, then you can change lives. This is what the world needs – it is life-changing. Enemies flee; people are set free in His presence. Healing flows in His presence. Yokes are destroyed in His presence. People are restored and renewed in His presence.

If your answer is no, then something needs to change. You may not even realize what is missing until you have spent time in His presence and spent time in His presence until He has come and made His abode with you. There is nothing like it, at least nothing here on this earth.

I want to encourage you today – spend time daily in His presence, not just in prayer, not just reading the Word of God, spend time basking in His presence. You will never be the same, nor will anyone around you. Bask in His manifested presence and glory – until it becomes a permanent fixture in your life. Once it does, guard it, cultivate it, feed it daily. As you do, God will draw people to that place of His presence. For it truly is what this world needs. Be a part of that, be a life-changer, be a world changer.



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