bible-fireI few years ago I began to listen to a series of teachings by Keith Moore, the name of the series was Victory over Death. I initially began listening to them after the death of Jesse, my younger brother, I knew I had to get the word of God in me in order to get through that season of loss. I listened to that teaching over and over again until it was a part of me. I didn’t realize at the time that God was preparing me for what was ahead. You see in just a few short months my sister went to be with the Lord unexpectedly.

I have been thinking lately about how that particular teaching series had helped me cope with her untimely death.

It is amazing to me how very much God loves me. So much that He would prepare me ahead of time. That not only did He want me healed from the loss of Jesse but He also wanted me prepared and equipped to handle what I was about to walk through.

Today as I was talking about it with a friend I said something to her that I didn’t realize until it came out of my mouth. I shared with her how I had listened to those teachings so many times that the word in me concerning death was stronger than the tragedy of my sister’s death. In this situation, I had so much word in me that the word of God prevailed over the tragedy and kept me from going into the dark place I had went to when Jesse died just one year before.

God has literally caused me to build myself up in the word for this particular situation and my spirit was strong before the tragedy hit. How awesome is God!

Hebrews 4:12 says the word of God is living and powerful. I have always known that to be true but I literally walked in the power of the word during that season.

Luke 3:5 says the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places smooth. God went before me and made my crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. I know if He did it for me in that situation this must be His desire for all of us in every situation. The key was the living and powerful word of God.

I began to see the word of God in a whole new level, I began to see the power of it more clearly, the living force of it more real than ever before and I stood in awe of God and His word.

I have come to understand that if I keep the word of God in my heart, in my ears and coming out my mouth, though challenges may come, the word will be stronger and the word will hold me steady. The word of God will make the crooked places straight in my life. It is the word of God that will make the rough places smooth – I know it will – I have seen it for myself.

I said all that to say this; if you will plant the word of God in your heart, day by day, concerning certain situations, it will hold you steady when the storms of life blow fierce. One thing is for certain, storms will come. And there is another thing for certain and that is that the word of God is living and powerful. Storms may come but there is no storm that is more powerful than the word of God, there is no challenge bigger than your God. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can stop you from having victory if you trust in God and his word.

I have seen the power of the word of God in my own life and it has encouraged me to get more of the word of God in me – to be prepared and ready ahead of time – to not wait until challenges come and then try to get the word in my spirit. It has encouraged me to be ready in season and out of season.

I have always said it is almost impossible to build a storm shelter in the midst of a storm and that is a true statement. However, it is also a true statement that if you build a storm shelter before a storm hits, you will be prepared and ready for whatever comes and you will come out of the storm still walking in faith, still walking in victory and still trusting God completely.

Build your shelter today – listen to anointed teaching – fill yourself up until you are completely full of the word of God. When you do, you will be ready for anything…filled with faith and ready.

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