When I begin to hear the same thing over and over again, I take notice.

Recently it seems I am hearing two things from prophetic voices.  I am hearing these same two things several times a day.  This has caused me to take notice as I believe God is speaking to us.

One thing I am hearing from many voices concerns what we declare and decree. Everywhere I turn, I am hearing the importance of what we are saying.

Job 22:28 says; Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established.

A decree is defined as to determine judicially; to determine or resolve legislatively; to fix or appoint; to set or constitute by edict or in purpose.

A decree is a legal action.  When we decree, we are speaking what GOD has said or promised, His word, His law.  We have a legal right to do just that.

Psalm 2:7 says; I will declare the decree the Lord hath said unto me.

Declare is defined as; to make a declaration; to proclaim or avow some opinion or resolution in favor or in opposition; to make known explicitly some determination; to publish or proclaim.

But wait, there is one more definition that I want to share!  Declare is also defined as…to clear; to free from obscurity; to make plain.

Now, let’s look again at Psalm 2:7; I will declare the decree the Lord has said to me.

The decree is the promise of God.  It may be a promise you have found in the written word.  It may be something that has been spoken prophetically to you.  It may even be a promise He has spoken to your heart.

When we declare, or speak out, the decree we are making it plain and clear.  We are making the end result clearly known.  We are, like God, declaring the end from the beginning!

Through the power of declaring and decreeing we have been given power by God to change situations.  Our part is to declare and decree spirit-filled words.  To declare anointed words that can and will change our lives.  The Bible says that if we decree a thing it will be established. (Job 22:28).

Think about the power of that statement.  If we decree a thing…it WILL be established.  As Christians, we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  God wants heaven to come to earth.  It will only come one way, through us, the believer.  Hearing from God and then declaring His decrees will release His promises on the earth.

Prophetic decrees from the throne of God release God’s purposes and plans in our life.

It is through our words.  Life and death are in the power of words.  When we speak God’s word, we are declaring and decreeing life into our situations.

Your God inspired word can change everything.

Even the angels of God are waiting and listening for your God breathed words.  Psalm 103:20 says; Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His word.

This is the time to take back your joy! To take back your peace.  To take back your stuff.  Angels are waiting for your words.  They harken to the voice of the Lord through you.  God wants to use our voice to release the angels to bring to pass His will in our life.  Empower them today with your voice! Declare the decree what He has spoken to you.  Declare the decree until you see it manifest before your eyes.

Never forget, there is great power in your God-inspired decrees.

(If you are wondering what the second of the two things I am hearing repeatedly is…it is fasting…we will discuss that another day.)



“God always has a way of escape for us!” KP

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