When talking about meditation, many are unclear how to go about it.  Therefore, today, I thought I would share some practical ways to practice meditating of God’s word.

David said, “Oh how I love Your law!  It is my meditation all the day.”  (Psalm 119:97)

Again, in Psalm 1:2, the Bible says; “His delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law he mediates days and night.”

To meditate on the word of God, you must develop a love for His word.  This will come as you spend time in His word and in His presence.

Mediate is defined as; mumbling continually, pondering deeply, studying and musing.  It is not vain repetition, it is instead a filling up of your mind and heart with the word of God.

Read it!

To begin to mediate on God’s word, we must first read it.

Read the verse several times.  Say it to yourself in your heart.  Read it aloud a few times.  Look for key phrases in the verse.  Pay attention to words that jump out at you as you read.  Throughout the day, each time it comes to mind, speak the verse out loud.  Don’t just say it, ponder it.  Let it go deep into your heart and mind.

Write it!

I don’t know about you, but it always helps me to write things down.  Write the verse, exactly as it is written.  Write down any insights you receive while you are meditating on the verse.  Mull it over and over again in your mind, as you write.  Write is several times.

Writing a verse opens up things that reading may not.  Writing it down can be profound.

Study it!

I love to do word studies!  Take the verse you are meditating on and study it.  Look it up in several different translations.  Each translation will give you a different and sometimes, deeper meaning.

If there are words that jump out at you, look them up in the Strong’s concordance to get the root Hebrew or Greek meaning.  Pull out a Bible dictionary and study the words.  Also, you can read commentaries on the verse, which will give you more insight on the verse you are meditating on.

Say it!

Say the verse aloud.  Loud enough to hear it for yourself.  Romans 10:17 says; faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Repeat the scripture several times.  As you do, it is quite likely that certain words will leap out at you.  Repeat these words and allow your heart to connect with them.  If there are any words you don’t understand, ask God to give you wisdom.

The Bible tells us life and death are in the power of our tongue.  Each time you speak His word out loud, you are releasing life.  Speak it, say it, and keep saying it.

Pray it!

I know no more powerful way to pray than to pray the word of God.  When you find a scripture that speaks to you, or leaps in your spirit, pray it!

Prayer is communing with God.  As you pray your verse, faith will arise.

When I need to pray about a certain issue, I always go to the word of God first, find a scripture to stand on and then pray that word.  There is great power in praying the word of God.  And there is great power in praying the word or verse you are meditating on.

Sing it!

As I shared earlier, writing brings things out that reading a verse does not.  Singing works the same way.  Singing is a means to unlocking things that will not be unlocked any other way.  Sing your verse.

We read throughout the Bible how God’s people sang their victory.  Even today, many songs are written directly from scripture in the word of God.  Singing God’s word is powerful.  It impacts our spirit, soul and body in a profound way.

I hope this was helpful.  These are just a few ways you can mediate on the word of God.  Remember, meditating Gods word is powerful and produces awesome results.  Even unceasing fruitfulness.  That, my friend, is my prayer for each of us this year.  Unceasing fruitfulness as we practice the powerful art of meditating on God’s word.



“God will go to any lengths to minister to those who are trusting in him.” KP