Over the weekend, I was sitting outside in the early hours of the morning. I laid my Bible down and looked around. There was a thick fog over the land, so much so that in some areas you could not see clearly. I knew there were trees within my vision, but I couldn’t see them at all. Suddenly I remembered something that once happened with a friend of mine when she took a trip to the beach.

She had finally arrived at the beach after many hours of driving. Since I was not able to join her and I LOVE THE BEACH, she thought she would take a moment and send me a photo of the beach and the ocean waves. Stopping near the beach, she began to walk down to the edge of the ocean. However, she was unable to send a photo therefore she called me instead. She explained to me that there was a fog on the beach, separating the beach from the ocean. She couldn’t see anything. She said it was so odd. She could hear the ocean. She could even smell it, but she could not see beyond the fog.

This story has come to mind several times today as I read about the chaos happening in our world. It seems like there is a fog in front of us, trying to distract. Trying to get us to take our eyes off what is truly before us. The only question is…will we see beyond the fog? Or will the fog, or the fear, stop us.

God has a good plan for His people. His plan has not changed. Yet, the chaos of our world is trying to distract us and get our eyes off God and His truth. Beyond that it seems many of my friends and ministry partners are experiencing tremendous challenges and battles in their family and personal lives.

A friend said to me yesterday, “God is the ONLY truth.” This is so true. Think about it for a moment, God is the only truth. Only what He says is truth. Everything else is a lie. A fog, to keep us from seeing the truth. Will the fog stop us? Or will we press on through to the other side?

God has said many things about this year, but not only this year, God’s promises are NOW words. Faith is now. Everything we have need of has ALREADY been provided. It’s ours and it is up to us to press in and take it. Even if we can’t see it ahead of us. Even if a fog is attempting to distract us or to distort what we know by the spirit is ahead.

God has said it is time to receive our inheritance. He said it is a time of blessing. He said there is great power in our words, and an anointing on our declarations. There have been powerful, prophetic words concerning this season we find ourselves in. The key will be keeping our eyes on God regardless of the fog.

The enemy knows something we don’t know. He doesn’t want us to see it. I am convinced something glorious is before us, just beyond the fog and chaos of the moment. It must be really big for him to go to all this trouble, don’t you think?

1 Corinthians 13:12 says in the Message Bible; We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears, and the sun shines bright!

What a great Word! We can’t see clearly what is truly happening yet. We are squinting in a fog, peering through the mist. But…it won’t be long now. The atmosphere will clear, and the sun will shine brightly…then we will see as God sees.

Hold steady. Do not fear. Don’t listen to what the news media is shouting day after day. Do not look at things around you. Instead listen to the Word of the living God. Dig into His Word. Worship and praise Him. Spend more time with God than you do listening to the news or scrolling through facebook. Keep your eyes on Him. As you do, you will find you are in perfect peace. His peace will guide you through the fog, all the way to the other side – the abundant life. Never doubt it. Don’t let the fog stop you or even slow you down. Listen closely, can you hear the movement on the other side of the fog? Take a deep breath – do you sense His presence? Keep moving. Advance toward what God has already said is yours NOW. Move toward what is already yours. Then you will see and experience the glory and the abundance…beyond the fog.

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