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When I am in my prayer time, it is my hearts cry to please the heart of the Father, and while pleasing is one thing; total satisfaction is a goal I strive for. I want my God to be satisfied with my worship and praise to Him. I want Him to be satisfied with the time we spend together. To me, anything less is lacking.

As I was reading my Bible this morning, I came across a scripture in the Amplified Bible concerning Noah. It was found in Genesis 8:21, it was just after water had receded on the earth and Noah and his family had once again arrived on dry land. The Bible says that Noah prepared an offering to God. Then it says that it came up to God and it was a scent of satisfaction to His heart. Those words captured my heart this morning; a scent of satisfaction to the heart of God.

Anytime we release an offering to God, if it is done in love and out of a desire to please God, it becomes a scent of satisfaction to His heart. I don’t know about you but I just love that. This morning as I was worshipping God, my cry was ‘let this come up to You as a scent of satisfaction to Your heart.’ My cry was that when I ceased my worship that God would be completely satisfied.

I’ve never read this scripture before in the Amplified. But it took me back to a place several years ago where God would wake me up to worship Him around 3am each morning. I worshipped until I knew God was satisfied with it. How did I know when that was? I don’t know how to explain it, I just knew.

And that is the precise time I would stop worshipping and go back to bed. This scripture showed me exactly what was going on during that time. My spirit knew that our worship should be to God, a scent of satisfaction to His heart, therefore my spirit knew to continue to worship until God was completely satisfied with it. That season changed my life and my faith – it took me to a whole new level in God and in what I could believe Him for.

Is it your desire that God be satisfied and that your worship comes up to Him as a scent of satisfaction to His heart? If so, it is entirely possible, all you have to do is give that sacrifice of worship. Worship Him with a heart to please and satisfy Him, not out of duty or religion but out of love and thankfulness and a sincere desire to please Him. When you do, He will receive it as a scent of satisfaction in His heart.

There are several ways we can present an offering to God that will bring a scent of satisfaction to His heart. One is of course, worship. Worship is my favorite. Another is in our giving, when we offer up finances to further His kingdom, it is a satisfaction to His heart. Another is spending time with Him. Another is helping others, what we do for others, we do for Him, that’s what the Bible says.

I want you to also note what took place when Noah offered up an offering that was a scent of satisfaction to the heart of God. The Bible says that God placed His bow, a sign of His covenant in the sky, for Noah to see and for God to see as a reminder of the covenant with God.

It is my prayer for you today that as you send up your offering today, whether it worship, time, money, helping others, or whatever it may be, that God will place a sign of His covenant in your life.

That you and others will begin to see that the covenant of God has been established in your life.

That others will see that God is so satisfied with you that His blessing has overtaken you. That you and others will recognize the favor and blessing of God all over your life.

I know it is your desire to please God, otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading this motivation, take it one step further and allow your life to be a scent of satisfaction to His heart today.

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