This is probably my favorite spiritual season. It is the time when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. We celebrate something that is absolutely impossible…yet it happened anyway. We celebrate complete and total victory in the face of devastating defeat…or at least that is how it must have appeared.

As I was thinking about this week today one scripture came to mind, it is found in Joel 2. It is talking about a time when God will pour out His spirit on all flesh; one phrase says ‘old men will dream dreams.’ I have always taken that to mean that when they lay down to sleep at night God will give them dreams, and that may be what God is saying, yet as I studied this scripture I found additional meaning that I thought was insightful.

The first word ‘dream’ can mean dreams of the ordinary kind, however that word also means to be restored, restored to strong health, and restored to strength. The second word dream means to have dreams.

I had to wonder as I read this if God was also saying that when He poured out His spirit on all flesh that our dreams would be restored, our ability to dream would be restored.

You see, I see this a lot in the body of Christ. When a person is first born again they dream of seeing the sick healing, seeing the dead raised, miracles and signs happening all around them. They dream of a life that is passionate for God and His spirit. Then life happens, disappointment happens, prayers that seem to go unanswered happened and those dreams begin to fade. After many years of disappointment it becomes difficult to dream.

That may even be you – however, when God pours His spirit upon you, I can assure you that you will begin to dream again, you will begin to be restored back to a place of dreams and hopes.

This season, this very week, is all about that very thing, hopes, possibilities and dreams.

God had a dream for you and me. He wanted us restored back to His original plan for us, a plan of no toiling, no labor, no lack, and no sickness. But to carry out that plan He would have to give His only son, Jesus. At this season, many years ago, Jesus was crucified, died and buried. It looked hopeless, it looked like it was over but it wasn’t. It didn’t end there.

Three days later Jesus rose again; but He didn’t come out empty handed, He came out with total victory and He gave that victory to us. For this reason alone, regardless of what disappointments you may face…you have hope.

This is a season of resurrection and that same power, the power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. Therefore the ability to raise the dead lives in you. It may be your marriage that is dead. It may be your finances that appear dead. It may be the hope for a future that seems dead, whatever it is, resurrection power lives on the inside of you today. It is alive and active in you today.

This week, don’t look at the disappointments you may have faced, look, instead at the possibilities. Don’t look at the hindrances, look at the opportunities. Don’t look at the impossibilities; instead look at the endless possibilities that are in God.

When you can’t imagine how it will happen, remember the cross and the grave of Christ, and then remember His awesome resurrection. We don’t have to know the how’s and why’s, we only have to believe that all things are possible with God.

It is resurrection time and all things are possible in God. All things are possible to you. It is my prayer for you that the power of resurrection will be seen in your life this very week and that you will be restored to dreaming all the things that are possible with God. It is my prayer and declaration over you that you will begin to dream again…this is the season…I encourage you to dream again, allow God to pour out His spirit upon you and cause you to dream again.