Breakthrough has a sound.  And, seasons have a sound.

Think about it for a moment.  Have you noticed the sounds of summer?  Children playing outdoors.  The sounds of boats on the water.  The sounds of splashing water in swimming pools.  Seasons have a sound.

Christmas season has a sound.  To me, it is the sound of giving.  The sounds of love, peace and goodwill toward our fellow man.

Fall has a sound.  The sound of harvest.  Fruit and vegetables pouring in.  The busyness of getting ready for winter.

Finally, the sound of winter — to me — is quiet such as the silence of falling snow.

I received an email recently that caused me to begin to study anew about the sounds of seasons and the sounds of breakthrough.

A worship leader read my article, ‘Breakthrough Has a Sound.’ It inspired him to seek God for revelation for the sound of breakthrough and the sound for this season.

The result is a prophetic God-inspired song which is truly amazing.

I didn’t expect to hear a song that mirrored the deepest cries of my heart, but it did. I had to stop and regain my composure and immediately wanted to talk with the songwriter.

I want to share with you, what he shared with me…in his words regarding this revelation of the sound of the season we are in and the sound of breakthrough.

(Note: Below are the lyrics first followed in by the revelation and the prophetic word God gave him which is shown in italics. This is a word for this season.)




“You’ve Opened up the gates,

Your name is break through.

Jesus King of glory,

You make the mountains move.


You’ve opened up the gates

God you carry us through

Jesus King of glory

You make all things new.”


2018 and the Hebrew year of 5778 both end with 8. In the Hebraic alphabet, the number 8 is drawn like a gate or door.

I feel like God is going to be opening gates and doors to unfulfilled and forgotten promises.

Expect doors of favor that have been shut in the past to open and get ready for a rapid release of fulfillment, promise, and victory!


“There are giants in the land,

and they’re going to fall

I see promise.

I see promise.”


Within these doors will be giants, just like Joshua saw in the promised land and David saw Goliath on the battle field.

These giants aren’t a negative thing, Goliath’s defeat was the open door of opportunity for David’s promotion.

The giants are an opportunity for God’s glory to be released and for Him to deliver promises and fulfillment to your life.

He will fight for us and deliver to us Victory. This will be a year that the giants fall!


“I declare that you are faithful”

Praise is the key to victory. God will fight for us and carry us through the gates, while we simply declare He is faithful and praise His powerful name!

Written by: Jared Evans, Life Community Church, Wilmington, NC


Friends, I do not want to add anything to his word from God.  But I do want to encourage you to go online and order this prophetic breakthrough song and play it throughout your home, your vehicle, your ministry and your business. Let it get deep within you.  It is the sound of breakthrough!  It is the sound of the season!

Click here for the link in iTunes.

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