Numerous times this week, a scripture has come to mind.  It is found in Psalm 37:23.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.

I was having a conversation with a close friend.  She was sharing with me her feelings about the house she was buying.  She said, “it’s not my dream house, but I feel it is my house for a season.”  Even as she spoke, the Lord spoke to my heart.

He softly said, “the STEPS of a good man are ordered by the Lord, not the catapults.”

Aha.  I knew instinctively what He was saying to me.  He was showing me that this house was a mere step in her journey and as she took this step, He would give her the next step toward the fulfillment of all His promises to her.

Life is often a process.  Things don’t always happen immediately.  And that does not mean it won’t happen, it simply means we have to walk it out.

A day later I was talking with another friend.  This is a friend who I am helping to budget her finances.  When we first put them on paper, frankly, it looked hopeless.  However, knowing nothing is impossible with God, I began to pray and seek His wisdom.  I prayed and ask God to show me the first few steps.  He was faithful to do just that and within a few days we had freed up monies for her.

In my prayer time, God showed me, if she was faithful to take a step…just one step…then He would give us another step.  And we would take those steps until she was out of debt and living in the abundant life Jesus died to give her.  But she had to be faithful in the steps.

Let’s look a little closer at that scripture; The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord.  And He delights in his way.

The word steps means to march or go through.

The words good man means a warrior or mighty man.

The word delights means to favor or find pleasure in.

In other words, a warrior or mighty man will be led by God, every step of the way, in marching through the process God is taking them through.  And, as they take each step, they will find the favor of the Lord.  His favor will rest upon each step they take.  His favor is upon the steps.

That is good news to me.  If God gives me instruction, as I take those steps, His favor will shine on my way.

You know, we all wish there were instant miracles, and sometimes there are.  However, most of the time, it is a process. A season we must walk through.  A time of pressing into God, remaining so close to Him that we cannot take one step without Him.

Not only that, but we now know from scripture, as we are led by Him, His favor is on each step.  He gets pleasure in watching us take the steps He leads us to.  How awesome is that!

Dear Friends, we cannot go from A to Z in a single step.  However, each step is leading you toward the fulfillment of God’s word for you…and each step is saturated with His divine favor.  So…go ahead…take that step.



Meditate on this:

Those who walk with God always reach their destination.  Henry Ford

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