“We marched around our house seven times a day for several days and prayed, and God paid it off.”  This was the awesome testimony I heard while listening to a ministry online this morning.

While this is a wonderful testimony, this strategy won’t work for everyone.  It worked for this couple because it is what the Spirit of God led them to do.

As I listened and pondered their story, I began to think about the many different strategies in the Bible.

You see, in the Bible, men and women sought God before going into any kind of battle.  They also sought God before they made a move from one city to another.  During these times of seeking God, they ask what God would have them do, and then they obeyed.

I thought about King David.  He sought God before each battle, not assuming the strategy that brought victory in the last battle would work in the next battle.  This is wisdom.  A wisdom we should walk in.

I then thought about the different instruction God gave when His people sought Him.  Here are a few examples…

He told the children of Israel to go forward – as they went, He parted the Red Sea – but only as they obeyed and stepped forward.

He told His children to walk around the walls of Jericho for six days and remain silent, then walk around the seventh day and blow their trumpets.  As they obeyed, the walls that stood before them fell to the ground.

He told David to pursue the enemy who had stolen their goods and families – they pursued and recovered all.

God told Isaac to stay put – to sow in the land of famine.  Isaac obeyed God and reaped a hundred-fold that very season.

Jesus told Peter to catch a fish and look in its mouth for money.  Peter obeyed, took the money, and paid the taxes.

Jesus told Peter, who had fished all day and caught nothing, to launch out into the deep ONE MORE TIME and cast his net. Peter obeyed and caught such a large amount of fish that he had to have help pulling it all in.

It is clear, God has many different strategies for His people.  He has one for you today as well.

However, we can’t just pick something and expect it to work.  We must, first of all, seek the face of God and ask Him what He would have us do.  If He tells you to march around your house seven times – do it!

If He tells you to sow in the land of famine – do it!

If He tells you to simply keep moving forward – by all means, keep moving forward.

As Mary said on the day of the wedding feast – whatever He tells you to do – do that!

I do not know what your need is today, but I do know that God has a strategy of victory for you.

Take the time to seek His face until you are fully persuaded of the plan God has for your need.  God wants you to experience victory every single day of your life – even more than you do.  And He has a plan.  Seek Him today for that plan.  His strategies work.  They never fail.  You only need to read through the pages of the Bible to confirm this truth.  It’s time we walk in it, don’t you think?!


Meditate on this:
For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory. Deuteronomy 20:4


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