I once heard an uplifting song at a vital time in my life. It was early morning; I was about to leave to go relieve the person who was sitting with my Aunt Jo. My aunt was in her final days. Sitting with her and watching her drift away had been difficult, I was not looking forward to another day of it.

I knew I needed to take some time with the Lord and pray before I headed out – I was so glad I did. As I spent time with God, a song came on that I had never heard before.

Here are some of the words…

Right now I’m choosing to believe

Someday soon I’ll look back and see

All the pain had a purpose

Your plan was perfect all along

This is the truth I’m standing on

Good, I believe You’re still good

Even when life’s not good

I will not lose this hope

This is the truth I’m standing on.

These words brought great peace to my heart that day and reminded me of the truth I chose to stand on during that time AND the truth I choose to stand on every day of my life.

The truth that God is good – all the time.

The truth that His plan is perfect, and nothing takes Him by surprise.  Not only that, but there is divine purpose in everything that happens in my life, if I belong to Him.  I only must continue to seek His face to find that purpose.

I have this prayer I pray when I am walking through difficulties that I can’t understand.  I pray this way, “God, I thank You that one day I will look back and see the purpose of all this and I will thank You for leading me this way.”

Sometimes, we can’t see the whole plan – only a portion of it.  In those times we can’t always understand why God would be taking us this route.  During those times, I choose to remember that He sees what I can’t see.  He knows what I don’t know, and He will lead me in the right path if I can only trust and believe.

In the Amplified Bible, Hebrews 12:13 says God cuts through and makes firm and plain and smooth, straight paths for our feet [yes, make them safe and upright and happy paths that go in the right direction].

That is the truth I stand on today.  God has a safe, happy, and blessed path for each of us – even and especially when we can’t see it.

As difficult as it was to watch my aunt slip away.  As hard as it is to see the pain on my Mom, and my other aunt’s faces. As challenging as it was to face another day of it, I was reminded of one thing – my God is faithful.

That is what I was thinking and feeling that morning.

That night, my aunt was gone – she had moved on to heaven.  On the drive home, I was reminded of how my morning began with a song about the truth I stand on.  And I began to sing… “I exalt You, I exalt You, I exalt You, oh my Lord.”

What a faithful God we serve.  He is so good.  His grace is enough for whatever the day brings.  I am beyond thankful that through His grace, He started my very difficult day with a song – and ended it with a song.

I don’t know what you are facing today but I know this – there is a truth you can stand on – no matter what comes your way.  That truth is God is good and His plan for you is good – even when we do not understand it.  This is the truth we must stand on.  Today and every day. It is the ONLY truth.  May we never forget that. And may we always end our day with a song of thankfulness to a faithful and loving God.