It was late Sunday night, I was walking while I prayed, as I often do. I prayed in English, then I began to pray in the Spirit. Suddenly my prayer language changed, the difference was obvious. I instinctively knew God was about to speak.

I can count on one hand the times I have prayed in the Spirit and received the interpretation of what I was praying. It was many years ago that Ms. Ronnie Burch, whom I worked with at Norvel Hayes Ministries, shared a profound story with me. She shared how she knew a man who, when he prayed in the Spirit, God gave him the interpretation. Many times, I have prayed for that gift. A few times I have seen it in my life. This was one of those.

I continued to pray in the Spirit when my prayer changed back to English. Suddenly I knew the interpretation of what I had been praying in the Spirit. The words that came from my Spirit were humbling, exciting and fearful. Not fearful in a bad way, in a healthy God-fearing way.

The Spirit of God spoke through me and said this; “Yes, it is a time of My goodness being poured out on My people. It is a time of breakthrough; it is a time of miracles…if you press into Me you will see My goodness poured out in your life unlike anything you have ever known. It will be abundantly above all you could ever imagine. However, if you do not press into Me, you will see nothing. You will not taste of My goodness, you will not see My miracles in your life, you will see nothing in this time. It is entirely up to you what you experience during this time. Press into Me and taste of My goodness being poured out – or refuse to press into Me and receive nothing.”

It was a hard word. A warning word. Yet it held great promise…at least for those who choose press in during this time.

I spent Monday seeking God. Pressing into Him. Yet, I felt like I was hitting a brick wall daily. Still, I continued to increase my time in the Word and in worship. I took communion each day and received all Jesus did at the cross.

A few days later, I awoke early, I didn’t jump up out of bed, I was still for a few minutes. While lying there my phone dinged. I thought, “who would text at this early hour?!” I got up and looked at my phone, it was Kelita. The text said, “are you awake?’ I answered, “yes.” She then asked, “can I call?” I again, answered, “yes.”

I walked into the living room to answer the phone. I always leave worship music playing continuously in my living room, as I walked into the room, the song, Way Maker was playing.

Kelita began to share with me how her early morning prayer time went. She shared how it became a prophetic prayer in which the leader of the group stopped in the midst of prayer time and began to sing a song…the same song that was playing on my ipod…Way Maker. She said he shared that this was going to be a time of miracles, a time of breaking through. He went on to say, to receive these things we must press in through the Word and worship.

Prophetic words are awesome things, we all love them. However, many times we have a part to play in them, such as this one. Yes, God wants to pour out His goodness and His miracles, however, if we are not seeking Him, pressing into Him and His Word, we are going to miss this time of visitation.

When we become born again, our salvation was secured. However, there are some things we are going to have to press in and take, like our prosperity and our health. The enemy will do everything in his power to delay or hinder what legally belongs to us and he can…if we allow him to. However, if we press in, there is nothing that can stop the promises of God from coming to pass in our life. Absolutely nothing.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:12

Luke 19:44 talks about failing to recognize our time of visitation from the Lord. I believe that is where we are. Will we recognize our time of visitation? Will we do what is needed to receive all God has for us during this time? I certainly hope so. I pray so.

Friends, the Way Maker is on the scene. Will you press in and receive all He has for you today?