Last week, just as I laid down for bed, I got a call from my daughter. She said ‘Mom, I need you to come and get Brailee, we have to take Bryson to the emergency room.’ I said ‘what happened?’

She explained that he had been out feeding the animals and stepped on a piece of metal fencing that was sticking out of the ground. He had his leather boots on, but it had gone through them and into his foot, cutting his foot open.

Bryson is ten. In the past, Bryson has been a kid that panics at the sight of blood, especially his own. And in the past, when he panics, it is very difficult to calm him.

When I arrived at their house in my pajamas, I ran inside. Bryson was sitting with his foot up with a bandage around it to stop the bleeding and he was almost hysterical. I got down in his face and said ‘calm down buddy.’ He continued to cry. I laid hands on him and prayed for him, then I said ‘remember all the scriptures we have been studying? Remember all the scriptures you have highlighted in your bible about healing?’ He nodded. I said ‘think on those and remember God heals you.’ He nodded okay. Then I said ‘take a deep breath for me.’ He tried but it wasn’t really a deep breath. I calmly said ‘take another one…now another…okay.’

I left with Brailee and drove back to my house. I texted a couple friends to begin praying for Bryson and Breanne. I prayed peace over that child too many times to count. When all was said and done, they came by my house to get Brailee. Bryson said he needed to come in and get a hug.

As he sat across the counter from me, talking to me, I was astounded at the glow around his little face. His face was literally shining with the peace of God.

Breanne kept talking about how calm and at peace he was the entire time, so much so that he told her to walk outside and get some air at one point because SHE was anxious!

The next morning I was thinking about this, how his face was shining. God began to speak to me.

God reminded me how I had been purposely sowing the word into those kids the past few months. Every single time they come to my house, we have ‘bible study’. I allow them to choose a subject and we look up scriptures and talk about them. Then I have Bryson and Brailee circle the scriptures in their bible so if they ever need them, they can find them.

You see, I was able to remind Bryson of those scriptures and his spirit was able to take what had been sown into him and bring peace to him, in a situation where he would not normally have peace. I was so thankful at that moment that God had led me to do that with them. I didn’t expect the church to do that, or their Christian school, it is our job as parents and grandparents.

The Bible says in Galatians 6:7; ‘do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that shall he reap.’ If we are not sowing the word into our hearts and into the hearts of others, we will not reap the promises of the word. It’s that simple.

However, if we are sowing the word of God, we will have a harvest when we need that word the most, just as I saw that night.

The following morning a friend reminded me of another scripture found in Isaiah 54:13; ‘all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.’

I want to say it to you another way this morning…because your children are taught of the Lord, GREAT SHALL BE THEIR PEACE.

One translation says ‘great shall be their undisturbed composure.’

In other words, when you teach your children, and grandchildren the word of God…great shall be their undisturbed composure….BUT…if you don’t teach your children the word of God, you won’t be able to lay hold of that promise when you need to.
Today, I am so very thankful for the word of God and for the God of the word. He is so faithful…what we sow, we do reap. Praise God Almighty!