This morning I was again thinking about the prophetic word Kenneth Copeland gave for 2020.

“The year of change and manifested power.”

As I thought of this, I thought, “Well, we have surely seen change.”

While the changes we have seen may not appear to be good changes, I believe there are good changes taking place behind the scenes.

I know more people are praying than ever before.  Many are seeking the face of God during this time.  Families are together more than ever. All those are great changes.

And, like I said, I believe there are other things taking place that we are not aware of.

Either way…we are definitely seeing change.

Now…on to the rest of the word for 2020.

The manifested power of God.

We are seeing increased prayer and fasting, unity coming into the church in many ways.  I believe we will also see the fulness of this word come to pass this year.  I believe we will see the manifested power of God on display in our world this year.

How about you?

Are you believing to see the manifested power of God in your life?  In the life of your loved ones?  In your nation?

I know I am!

I am praying and declaring it on a daily basis.

The important question to ask yourself concerning this word is this, “What am I expecting?”

Over and again in the word of God Jesus said these words; “according to your faith.”

What is YOUR faith expecting?  Is it expecting a second round of this virus?  Or is it expecting it to leave and stay gone.

Are you expecting to see the manifested power of God?  Or are you expecting this to be a very difficult year?

Are you expecting to come out of this season with abundance and the spoil of the enemy?  Or are you expecting to lose everything?

If God told you it was according to your faith…what would you see this year?

I hope these questions cause you to stop and think…I know they did me.

This IS the year of change…we are seeing it.  And this is the year of GOD’S manifested power.  May we see it as well.


Meditate on this:

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26




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