He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Oh, what truth this scripture tells!!!

I was reading a story today about a football and how it never gets deflated in a game.   Actually, I have never once thought about that.   That football is hurled, kicked, squashed, fumbled and pounced on by 22 huge men for a couple hours – yet it never deflates – at least, I have never seen a team lose a ball before the game ends due to deflation, have you?

The article said that although the external pressure that was coming against the ball was great, the internal pressure was greater.   What was on the inside of that ball was much greater than anything those 22 men could do to it.   I found this very interesting.

This truth applies to our Christian walk.   You see, the power that is on the inside of us is much greater than any external pressure that could ever come against us.   The power of the Holy Spirit dwells in us and the Bible says that He is a greater power than anything in the world.

Isn’t that wonderful to know?   Whatever comes against you from the outside can’t stand up to what is on the inside of you.   Why?   Because the Greater One lives inside of you.   I love the way one translation says it: You have already won, because what is inside of you is so much greater than what is in the world.

You have already won!   The Greater One is in you and you are in Him and He has already won.

Oh, I am sure we could all list a bunch of different opponents who come against us or tried to stop us from scoring a touchdown. However, the Greater One in us has much more power than anything that can come at us from the outside.   Satan’s strategy is to deflate you and stop you from reaching your goal – but God had the final say and He has already spoken.   You can be just like that football, roll with the punches.   At times it may seem like you are getting kicked here and there, tossed around by everyone that encounters you, but the power that resides on the inside of you will always cause you to bounce back, every single time.

It reminds me of something Rocky Balboa says in one of the Rocky movies; “It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

The enemy is counting on you getting hit and staying down.   He is counting on you thinking if he hits one more time you are out for the count, but he is mistaken.   You see, our Jesus defeated him, completely.

I don’t believe the church has yet walked in the fullness of the dominion that Jesus died to give us – that same dominion that Adam had before the fall – but we will – that is where we are headed.   We are a new breed of believers – I believe that with all my heart.   We are pioneers.   Pioneers scout out new land – taking new territory for the Kingdom of God.

This land, flowing with milk and honey is already there – purchased for us at the cross.   It is ours for the taking.   The Garden of Eden is again available to us – that living without toil belongs to us just as once belonged to Adam.   And we are a group of believers that know our rights and our covenant?   If so, let’s refuse to live like we don’t have covenant.

The Bible says we are to reign in life as kings.   Reign – rule over – take dominion.   As kings.   Eccl. 8:4 says, The king’s command is backed by great power and no one can question it.

Your command that lines up with God’s Word is backed by the greatest power on earth – God and His Word – and no one can question it.

I know many of you have felt like all the pressure in the world has come against you in one way or another – I know how you feel, I have been there.   But you must know, really know that the Greater One does live in you and if God be for you and He is – nothing can come against you and stay.   No weapon formed against you will prosper.   No weapon. The power in you is so much greater than all the pressure from the outside.   Once you know that for certain and begin to declare it, things will begin to change.

Therefore, regardless of if you feel you have been kicked around, fumbled, tossed to and fro – remember, you are just like that football – there is more in you than against you.   God is in you – nothing can stand against you.   Begin to live like you believe it!