one man and field of summer grass

I heard of a movie years ago about a guy who loved baseball players. He thought he was ‘told’ to build a baseball field and all the old, passed away players would come. I know it sounds odd, and I don’t believe in such things but I am simply trying to make a point here. He thought he heard ‘build it and they will come.’

Frankly, I haven’t thought of that movie in years. But this past week as I was seeking God, I heard that statement in my spirit; build it and they will come.

As it often is with God, when I heard it, I knew precisely what he was telling me.

I had been praying about seeing more people become born again and seeing more people healed. I knew what God was telling me was to create an atmosphere that draws people to God and THEN they would come.

He was telling me that one thing would draw them, His presence. People are drawn to the presence of God. We see this in the life of Jesus as well as others in the Bible who carried his presence. Jesus didn’t have to send out flyers or buy a television ad to let people know where he was going to be, they were simply drawn to him…drawn to the presence of God and the anointing of God that he carried.

We even see this today in the lives of men and women who carry the presence of God, people are drawn to them.

Now, I am not saying we should be drawn to a person. But we can be and are drawn to people who carry the presence of God. I know for myself, there are people I meet whom I can feel the presence of God on when I meet them. I want to know these people, I want to talk about God with them.

If you are a person who carries the presence and power of God, then people will be drawn to you as well. They will be drawn to you, even if they don’t understand why. They will simply know that you have something, you possess something that they don’t have and that they don’t understand and they will want to know what that ‘something’ is. This opens a door for us to share Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit.

Most people, even born again people, don’t carry the presence of God on a daily basis. But we can and we should.

Those who carry his presence are those who consistently spend time in the presence of God. They are those who stay in his word and walk in his peace. They are those who are not moved by everything or everyone around them, they walk in his presence which causes them to be immovable most of the time.

These are those who have a word to give in due season to bring comfort to those around them. These are those who can pray at the drop of a hat without having to stop and fast and pray – they are filled with the word of God and can apply it in prayer at any given moment – these are those who KNOW their God.

So, you see, God was telling me….cultivate an atmosphere of my presence and the others will simply come.

I know this is true, I have seen it happen in my life. I had a season where the presence of God was on me so strong that it was in my house, in my vehicle and everywhere I went. People would stop and sit down for a moment when they came in my house, simply because his presence was so strong. So….you may ask…what happened? Life happened. Life threw so many challenges my way for a number of years that I couldn’t even think straight. But that season is over.

If you want to draw people to God, then you simply need to draw to God. Spend time with him, worship him, pray to him, talk to him, and worship him again. Spend time with him until his presence is all over you and oozing out of you. Then they will come. They will come and they will see that you are empowered with his presence and they will want what you have. Create the God – Filled atmosphere and they will surely come.