Not too long-ago God gave me a dream, it was short and simple, yet profound.

In the dream I visited a Soup Kitchen that I have been connected to for several years. I walked into the kitchen and handed the lady behind the counter a loaf of white bread. It was a loaf of sliced bread like you would pick up at the grocery store. She took the bread and then she immediately handed me five loaves of fresh, hot from the oven, homemade bread. The aroma was awesome.

Throughout the rest of the dream the same thing would happen, I would hand someone a gift of money and they would hand me back a stack of money. As I woke up, I kept this dream in my heart knowing God was showing me something significant.

Several days went by, then God reminded me of the dream and began to speak to me about multiplication. He reminded me of the little boy with the fishes and loaves and how Jesus blessed it and it multiplied to the point that it not only fed everyone there but there was a great deal left over as well.

This was exactly what kept happening in my dream, I would sow a seed and it was quickly multiplied and given back to me.

Then He took me to Hebrews 6:14 which says, Surely blessing I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply you.

I was meditating on that scripture when I decided to do a word search. I knew blessing meant an empowerment to prosper but I wanted to dig out the root meaning of multiply.

The word multiply means this; to multiply, the whole, to be filled until you are completely fulfilled.

Oh my! I have been praying lately for wholeness in every area of my life! I immediately knew what God was saying to me.

He was telling me to not grow weary in doing well, for it is the season to reap in multiplication. As I continue to give, it will be multiplied back to me.

Remember the boy with the fish and loaves? Jesus blessed his offering and it multiplied. It multiplied until it fed the WHOLE group of people, and everyone was filled and fulfilled. Praise the Lord!

Each time you sow a seed, we are declaring your seed blessed, just as Jesus did that day and we are declaring multiplication over that seed. That it will multiply until you are completely whole in every area of your life. We are praying it will multiply until you are filled and fulfilled.

Even as I was preparing this message, I received a phone call from a minister friend. As we were talking, I said, “regardless of what I do, it will come back.” He responded, “Do you mean they will multiply?!”

There was that word again, another confirmation. God is blessing our giving, and we WILL see multiplication of every seed sown, in Jesus’ name. It is TIME for multiplication. May it be so for you and for me this very month.