]<br This week I turned on my television to listen to preaching. Every channel I turned to was saying the same thing, over and over again I was hearing the same message. After a few channels, I was reminded of something God has said just a few weeks ago; listen for ‘the voice.’

However, I had heard this one thing so much that it almost frustrated me; I began to ask God why He was saying the same thing over and over. What was I hearing? It’s time to sow and sow and sow. Now, I know some of you are tired of hearing it and frankly this morning I would have liked to have heard something new myself.

I began to ask God why this voice was continually coming forth. As I asked I heard in my spirit that a ‘time of gathering’ is ahead. I thought ‘okay, if a time of gathering is ahead, why the compelling voice to sow?’ And yes, I do know that you can’t gather without having sown…but I was searching for the insight God was trying to get across to me.

I began to pray and ask for direction, as I did, I felt led to study the book of Genesis, the story of Joseph to be exact. God began to speak to me about the seven years of plenty that came during Joseph’s day. If you recall, Pharaoh had a dream and when Joseph gave the interpretation of the dream he told Pharaoh that God was saying a famine was coming in the land BUT before the seven years of famine there would first be seven years of plenty. Do you remember the story?

Pharaoh was so pleased with his interpretation that he made Joseph the leader over all the land. Then God began to show me that He (GOD) always made provision for His people during times of famine – He always gave them a plan and the plan always involved sowing…and reaping.

God asked me this question, He said ‘if I told Joseph there was going to be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine, do you think He would sow the same way OR do you think he would sow every available seed possible during the years of plenty?’ I said ‘of course, he would sow as much as possible.’ Then I was asked this question, ‘if Joseph had decided to hold back his seed, when famine hit, what would he have had, seed or harvest?’ Easy question, he would have had only seed.

During that time, I am fully persuaded that God had Joseph sow every seed he could get his hands on during the time of plenty and Joseph obeyed God. Because Joseph obeyed, during times of famine, he and his family never lacked. And more than that, when the other people began to run out of money, Joseph bought up their livestock and then the land; how was he able to do that? Because he obeyed God, sowed and reaped a harvest for seven years and lived well during times of famine.

God ALWAYS makes provision for His people during times of famine. In Genesis 26, Isaac sowed during times of famine and reaped a hundredfold.

In 1 Kings 17, God sent Elijah to a widow woman during famine, she gave him her last meal, or so she thought…and God sustained her throughout the entire famine…she never lacked because of her giving.
Over and over again we see this principle in the Bible, it is the law of sowing and reaping. I believe God is showing us that we are about to enter into a time of gathering, a time of plenty and that time is totally dependent on what we sow, just as it was with Isaac, he reaped a hundredfold…however what he reaped was totally dependent on what he sowed.

The widow woman sowed a precious, precious seed and that one seed brought her enough harvest to sustain her and her son throughout the entire famine.

God always makes provision for His people during times of famine – always – but the principle remains the same each time. For this reason, we are hearing the same voice throughout the earth saying it’s time to sow.

I read an article by Chuck Pierce, who was also saying the same thing I was hearing on television. His article said ‘This will also be a time of supernatural giving to secure the future.’ It is the same principle God used with Joseph.

I don’t know about you but I, for one, am ready for the time of plenty. Not only am I sowing for it, but I am listening to God…just as Joseph did to lead me and guide me and show me exactly what to do during this time…I know if I do that, I will be able to not survive but thrive through any times or seasons that are ahead of us. God is faithful – He always takes care of His people…if we listen…if we obey…He will remain faithful.

I am excited about the new season ahead. I am excited about letting go of ALL past disappointments and laying hold of the NEW THING God is doing in our lives, how about you? Time of Gathering…I receive you now, in Jesus name.