For the past several years, I leased my home.  If something needed repair, large or small, I simply called the landlord and he came right over and fixed it.

It was nice.  I didn’t have to be concerned about anything.

It’s different as a homeowner.

A couple weeks ago I noticed the sink in my master bath was draining slower and slower.  I went to Lowe’s and purchased some Drano.  I came home, poured it down the sink and it seemed to help for a couple days.

However, a few days later it began to drain slow once again.

As I was thinking about what to do next, I remembered something the landlord had once told me.  He said, “if you get a clog in the drain, there is no use buying chemicals.”  He went on to say, “just get a plunger and give it a really hard push.  Now you have to give it all you’ve got.  Push really hard and it will clear the clog.”

I know my all I’ve got is not the same as his.  Yet, I thought I would give it a try.

I grabbed the plunger, filled the sink with water and pushed.

Nothing happened.  So, I pushed again.

Still nothing.

I pushed one last time with all I had.  Amazingly, this yucky stuff flew up in the air and the clog went down.  All of a sudden, the water was draining as quickly as it came out of the faucet.  Victory!  I had broken through.

One hard push and the clog was gone.

I could not stop thinking about this.  I knew God was speaking to me about this.  I knew He was showing me something and here is what I feel He is saying.

Some of us are at a place where all it will take is one hard push.  Giving it all we’ve got. That’s what it will take to breakthrough.

Many of us are so close…closer than we can imagine.  However, it feels as if nothing is moving.  As if something is hindering the flow.

We can’t understand why we are not breaking through.  We have tried everything.  But today, God is saying, “Give it one more push.”

I am reminded of a story in the Bible.

Luke 5:4-6 says; When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”  But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.” And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking.

Peter had been fishing all night and caught nothing.  But Jesus said give it one more try.  When Peter gave it one more try, he caught the haul of his life.

Could it be that we are at the one more push time?  I believe with all my heart we are.  Can you give it one more push?  Put your faith out there one more time?

Your push may be a night of praise.  Your push could be declaring the word over your situation   one more time.  Your push may be sowing one more seed.  Your push may be praying in the Spirit.  I don’t know what your push is…but this I do know.  It is that one final push that will break through.

We serve the God of the breakthrough.

2 Samuel 5:20 says in the Amplified Bible; So David came to Baal-perazim, and he defeated them there, and said, “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.” So he named that place Baal-perazim (master of breakthroughs).

The Master of Breakthroughs!  I love that!!!

My friend, it is time to break through, give it one more push.  When you push, expect everything hindering your breakthrough to be removed in an instant with that last push.  Give it all you have and break through.  It’s time!!!


Meditate on this:

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.  Ephesians 3:20