I know you may not want to hear it, neither did I, however, after I meditated on this for a couple days, a friend reminded me of a teaching I had written on the month of Av. As I read it, I was reminded why it is so vital to press this month.

The month of Av on the Jewish calendar, historically, is the month that God showed His people the land He was giving them; it is the month Moses sent twelve spies into the land to spy it out. It is the month that ten of the spies said, ‘the giants are too big, we can’t win here, and we will die.’ It is also the same month that two of the spies said ‘no, God gave this to us, it is ours, we can take it, the giants may be big but the land is greater, let’s take our land.’

You know the story, the children of Israel wondered around in the wilderness until they did exactly what they said would happen, they died.

What about the other two spies, the ones with the good report? The ones with faith in what God had said? They entered into their land and took it, just as they said they would.

This is that month.  (On the Jewish calendar Av began mid July, but we still have time as we enter into our corresponding month – August!)

God works in times and seasons, you can’t read the Bible and not realize that, times and seasons are vital and God’s times and seasons do not change. Many years ago this was a month to enter into the Promised land…and it still is today.

So, then what’s the problem, you may ask? The problem is there are giants in the land.

Just as with the children of Israel, God has already delivered us from bondage through the blood of Christ. Just as the children of Israel, God has given us our Promised Land. And just like the children of Israel, we must take it; we must face the giants in our life and take our land.

However, many people are afraid of giants. You may not remember, but I once wrote a teaching on the fact that the children of God feared the giants, when, in actuality, the giants were even more afraid of God’s people.

They constantly lived in fear of them, they knew the acts of God and they knew that if God was with them, and He was, they could not prevail against them.

It is the same with us today, many of us are afraid to go up against the hard stuff, against our giants, but that hard thing, that giant cannot prevail against the word of God or the promise of God. If you go in to take your land, with God in you and beside you, you will prevail.

I know some of you are beyond weary, I am too. I talked to God about this very thing this week, but I also know in my spirit that many of us are at that final push. You know the one when you are in labor and the doctors say, ‘I see the head, one more good push.’ We are there, it is time to press like never before, this is your month of promise. What will you do? Will you run in fear from the giants that are facing you or will you stand and declare, ‘God gave me this land, I am taking it, and nothing will stop me.’ For me personally, I have come way too far to stop now, I am taking my land, every inch of it.

As for me, it is the month of promise and I am entering in to take my land. The first thing I am going to do is give God an offering, the second thing I am going to do is to put my promises before my face so that I see them every day and they become greater than the size of the giants. Next, I am going to speak God’s word out of my mouth like never before. I am taking my land.

I will sow it with purpose. I will declare ‘I am taking my land, I am sowing this seed and declaring that I enter into my promises this day, no giant can stand before me, nothing can stop me, God is with me and I am going in, this land is mine and I will not let go of ANY thing God has promised.’

I will declare His word with purpose, knowing He will back up every word I speak in line with His word. I will push with purpose, knowing it is TIME. I refuse to give into the weariness knowing I am in the stages of the final push. Praise God!

We have talked about the timing on God’s calendar, now there is one more thing I want to mention. The word ‘august’ comes from the latin word augustus, meaning consecrated or venerable. The word august is marked by majestic dignity and glory. The word ‘venerable’ means to call forth by reason of age.

What I see in this is, just like Av, August has godly meaning. It is a time of calling forth of those who have matured in God. It is a calling forth of the mature in Christ into the promises of God. It is time to lay hold of the promises and His glory. It is time…may we all enter into the promises of God this very month. That is my prayer for you and for me. May we see the fullness of this month of promise.