What are you expecting for your tomorrow? Will it bring blessing, trial, victory or defeat? What preparations are you making today that will influence how your tomorrow turns out?

Most people don’t think about tomorrow, they are simply trying to get through today. Yet, we must realize that what happens tomorrow depends on what we do today.

If you keep putting things off until tomorrow, tomorrow will come and you will be totally unprepared.

I believe this is how we often are spiritually. We don’t prepare for our tomorrows spiritually. I know it has happened to me a couple times in my life. I would get busy with life or even busy with ministry and I would begin to shorten my prayer time, skip my worship time for a day or two. Or I wouldn’t read my Bible for a week or two. I know none of you have never done that but I have. And once you begin it is really easy to fall out of the discipline of keeping yourself prepared spiritually.

When you are unprepared spiritually, that is when the enemy can come in and blind side you. Now, God is merciful and He will bring us through but it will take a toll on us. It reminds me of when Breanne had Bryson. The weeks before was so busy for me with taking her to the doctor and work was busy, there was simply no time for prayer and study.

The day she was to have Bryson, the Lord spoke to me and said ‘you are living on borrowed faith.’ I knew that meant that my faith level was not where it should be, I hadn’t spent any time getting it there lately, and I knew something was coming down my path that I was unprepared for. Therefore, I began to pray in the spirit. I found myself in a place where ‘my tomorrow was here’ and I had not prepared for it. I didn’t have time to get in the word; I knew that in my spirit. Therefore I began to pray in the spirit and hope I could handle what was coming my way. It was only a few hours later that we found ourselves in a situation where Breanne’s heart stopped for over 10 minutes.

It was a fight to the death, literally, through the mercy and grace of God; I did not lose my daughter or grandson that day. However, it took a toll on me. That battle wearied me in a way that took me months to recover from. If I had spent time in the word of God and prayer the days before, I know I would have been more prepared and it wouldn’t have been as traumatic as it was.

I thank God for His mercy that day. I also learned a valuable lesson that day, stay ready for whatever is coming your way, spiritually I mean.

In the world we live in, it is imperative that we remained prepared spiritually. It is vital that we take time each day to seek the face of God. It is vital that we read the word of God or listen to it every single day. It is vital that we pray and spend time in worship. It is these things that will keep us spiritually strong. It is also these things that will cause our tomorrows to be rooted and grounded in God.

When you are spiritually strong, you can handle whatever comes your way. It may not be easy, but you will be prepared to walk through it. When you are not spiritually strong and things hit, it’s hard to battle. You will find yourself like I was, living on borrowed faith.

Let me say this as well, it’s not only the trials we need to be prepared for spiritually. We also need to stay spiritually strong when great blessings come our way. Sometimes it is easier to drift away from God when wonderful things begin to happen in our life. We begin to think ‘all is well’ and we forget to ‘remember the Lord our God who gave us power to overcome.’ When God brings your manifestation, and He will, don’t get your eyes off Him. Keep your eyes on God and the blessings will continue to flow in your life.

I have not found myself there since that day; I purpose in my heart that the enemy will never catch me off guard again. What does your tomorrow hold? Only God knows. However, it is His desire that you stay so close to Him that no tomorrow will catch you off guard. To do that we must take time to pray, study, worship and praise and build a relationship with Him. It’s not hard and it should be something we desire to do. Don’t allow your busy life to stop you from spending time with God. Don’t put off keeping yourself strong spiritually. Don’t think you can wait and do that tomorrow. Tomorrow will come – be ready for it.