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I was talking with Breanne the other day when she made a statement that jumped in my spirit. We were talking about her horse, Snowbelle, or Brailee’s horse, but Breanne takes care of it, of course. We were talking about Snowbelle’s training. I said to Breanne ‘Snowbelle trusts you now, doesn’t she?’ Breanne replied ‘she trusts me not to hurt her, but she doesn’t yet trust me to go where I go.’

That statement lit up in my spirit and remained there, I have meditated on it for days. I see this same thing in many of God’s people, as well as in myself. We trust that God will not hurt us and doesn’t mean us harm, but do we always trust him to go where he goes?

Trust is a funny thing, and I believe we have levels of trust. I have friends that I trust with general knowledge of my life but I don’t trust them with the deep parts of my heart. There are only a handful of people that I trust with the deep parts of my heart.

I trust God with my eternal salvation, my body and health, my finances but I have had to ask myself if there are some areas I don’t trust him with. I believe it is that way for most people. We trust God in one area but perhaps not in every area.

Proverbs 3:5 says; Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.

The word ‘trust’ here means to have trust and confidence in, to be bold and secure in the Lord.

However, as I did a deeper search, I found it also means to lie helpless, face down. This is a picture of a servant, totally submitted to God, waiting for his instruction or command. The depth of trust is literally, submission. To completely trust God, we must have a heart of full obedience to God, one that is fully submitted to God.

The phrase ‘lean not to your own understanding’ is interesting as well. To lean is to prop yourself up against something…usually we are trying to prop ourselves up on our own understanding, and God says ‘don’t’ do that.’ Man’s wisdom, man’s understanding cannot support the weight of our lives, however, God’s wisdom is more than able to support the weight of our lives. When we choose to trust in God, the full weight of our lives, settles on him, and friend, that is good news!

I don’t know how many times I have leaned on my own understanding, fully thinking I was going the right way, only to have God stop me and get me back on HIS path. My way, even if it is good, is not always God’s way. The only way I can continually go God’s way is to lean entirely on him and refuse to lean on my own understanding, my own insights or my own wisdom. That begins with seeking his face in every step, every decision, and every challenge that comes my way. That begins with getting his point of view and acting on that alone.

Proverbs 3:6 says; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. We dug into that scripture on yesterday’s teaching, I only wanted to remind you of that scripture to say this;
Trust begins by acknowledging God and his wisdom and then acting on what we have acknowledged. To acknowledge God and then act on what he says, that is truly trusting God.

The bible tells us over and over again to trust in God alone. The bible tells us over and over again, not to trust in flesh, that means our own flesh as well. Today I challenge you to seek Gods way – in the big things but also in the day to day small decisions. Trust him. Trust and rely on him. He is worthy of your trust. He has a good plan for you. He has a good outcome for you. Take the short cut – the way of acknowledging him and his wisdom and acting on it – trust him – he will not fail you.

One day Snowbelle will learn to not only trust that Breanne will not hurt her but she will also learn to trust Breanne enough that she will go where Breanne goes, that is the ultimate trust. It is my prayer for you today that you know and trust that God has a good plan for you and that you can trust him enough that you will allow him to take you wherever he wants you to go, that you will allow him full reign on directing you paths from this day on.