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I once read an interesting story about a fish, a little fish called a Moses sole. It is a fish found in the Red Sea.

In the Red Sea are also large sharks that would love to eat these small fish; However, one time a group of researchers noticed something amazing about the little Moses sole. While the sharks ate all the other fish their size and weight, for some reason they didn’t eat the Moses soles. Why? Researchers found that these little fish had a very unique defense system, any time it senses some kind of danger, it naturally secretes poisonous toxins from its glands. These toxins literally cause the shark’s jaws to freeze.

I saw a picture of this little Moses sole inside a shark’s mouth. The shark had obviously come in for the kill. All that was left was for the shark to bite down and enjoy lunch, however, it was unable to do that, because God put something inside this little fish to protect him, and as long as the shark was near that Moses Sole, his jaw was frozen. He would have to swim away for a few seconds before it would be released and go back to normal.

This story absolutely amazed me and made me think of how wonderful God made everything – our Creator is certainly amazing!

God has given us the same kinds of internal defenses against our enemy. We see David who killed Goliath and most people only remember that he was killed with a stone, but the truth of the matter is that when David declared ‘I come to you in the name of the Lord’ the battle was over. The Bible says by the words of our mouth we are condemned or justified. David won this battle with the words of His mouth.

When the wall of Jericho came down, it came down with a shout. Again, what came out of their mouth caused them to attain victory that day.

The Bible tells us that praise stops the enemy. Isn’t that amazing? Praise STOPS THE ENEMY. If you find yourself in a bad place you can spend time in praise, real spirit-filled praise and the enemy will stop in his tracks, why? Because God said so.

The Bible also tells us that the anointing of God destroys the yoke. Here is another weapon that we have against our enemy; this too has been given to us by God.
In the New Testament we find that we can ‘war with prophecy.’ We can wage war against the enemy with the prophecy’s that have been spoken over us by anointed men and women of God.

We may have an enemy that wants to take us out, however, God has made certain that we are more than equipped to win against him. Just like the Moses sole, we have a way to stop every enemy in his tracks.

One of my favorite scriptures is ‘rejoice not o my enemy, when I fall, I shall arise.’ The enemy can’t keep us down, he does not have the power to consume us. Don’t ever forget that. He may want to take a bite out of us but just like God did with the lions mouth, He will shut the mouth of the enemy and His favor in our life will cause us to overcome. AMEN!

When things get hard, remember the little fish, remember what God has said to you, and remember the power of life and death resides in the tongue. Declare it and release the power of God to work in your life. No enemy can defeat you.

Kim Potter

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