After I had written yesterday’s teaching, I changed gears and went about my day.

After a couple hours of work, I took a break and began to put some things in my journal that God had spoken to me over the weekend. You see, if my journal is not handy when God speaks, I simply write it on a note paper and put it in my journal at a later time.

I was astounded that I had not remembered what He spoke to me BEFORE I wrote Tuesday’s teaching.
You see, as a friend and I were praying God had spoken something very clear to me. She and I were praying and I heard geese outside. In our area, in the winter time, the geese fly south for the winter. As we prayed, I heard them flying overhead, it was actually quite loud.

As I heard their sound the Lord spoke to me and said ‘I am taking you from victory to victory!’

Why the sound of geese and this particular word? I will explain. For years each time I see the geese flying south in their V formation, God has always spoken VICTORY to me. Therefore when I heard the geese my first thought was the V or victory.

For the remainder of that day I heard the geese over and over again.

Each time I remembered what God said ‘I am taking you from victory to victory.’

Yesterday I talked about how it went from battle to battle and it is the truth. However, we can look at it from a different perspective and instead of seeing us going from battle to battle, we will see ourselves going from victory to victory.

As I was pondering on all this today, the Lord led me to read Bill Burns word for today, allow me to share it with you;

“You have heard what I have spoken. You should stop and take a breath. Stop the chaos and be renewed in the Spirit. Get into a position of walking with Me. I will always take you forward to the position of favor and victory. I will be with you to bring you through to victory over everything that the enemy presents against you–victory over infirmity, doubt, and unbelief. I will bring you forth in My kingdom and establish you in the blessings of this season, says the Lord.” Bill Burns

What an awesome confirmation! It is God’s plan to take us from victory to victory. Victory over sickness, disease, death, lack, doubt, and unbelief…this is HIS plan. Our job is to get in His presence and breathe! Our job is to stop the chaos that is trying to surround us and breathe Him in.

Our job is to get in position for victory as surely as those geese get in position to fly. It is our time to get in position to fly – to get into our V – our victory position. What is our position? Our position is victory IN CHRIST.

Spending time in the presence of God will position us for victory, every single time. It is time to go from victory to victory…are you ready? Are you in position?

It is TIME to seek the Lord, He is wanting to be found, the time to seek Him is now. Don’t miss this moment, don’t put it off, make time in your schedule each day to spend time in the presence of the Lord. As you do, He will position you for victory. It’s time! Run into His presence and seek Him NOW.

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