For the past week or so, something has been stirring around in my spirit concerning the world’s economy and how we can rise above it. How we can live the Kingdom life of abundance Jesus died to give us.

As I was pondering on this subject, I was reminded of a note I received from a partner years ago. She had sent in a donation. With her donation was a note that read, this seed is my point of contact with heaven’s economy. I love how some things just stick with you, don’t you?!

I thought on this truth for a few moments, our seed is a point of contact with heaven’s economy. I understand what a point of contact is, and I am sure you do as well. However, today, I knew there was something deeper I needed to discover.

Point of contact means a specific intersection, a contact point. Okay – that’s good – a contact point or a place of intersection – but I knew I didn’t have the key I was searching for.

I kept digging and I am so glad I did. Point of contact also means; where two roads meet with one major highway, and an act of intersecting, crossroads.

Digging just a little deeper, I found the key definition that I was searching for.

A point of contact is the act of joining by causing your path to intersect with your targets path.

Wow. Just Wow! Her seed was the act of causing her path (her need) to intersect with her target path (heaven’s economy). When she sowed her seed, she JOINED heavens economy!

You see, she had come to a crossroad – where two roads meet. At this place, she had a decision to make.

She purposed in her heart to cause her path of need to intersect with God’s path of abundance.

In doing so, she hit her target, heaven’s economy. And her seed was the point of contact.

Her seed is the thing that will bring her to the place of impact with the Kingdom of God and heavens economy. Her seed joined her to heavens economy…do you see that? I certainly hope so.

I have watched many of our partners this year begin to prosper in abundant ways. There is a common denominator with those who I am seeing prosper. They are sowers. Not one-time givers. Continual givers. As they sow, they are causing their path to intersect with God’s path of abundance. The Kingdom way of prospering. They are joining the Kingdom way of abundance.

The testimonies are coming in and the testimonies aren’t all financial. We are hearing about miraculous healings, restoration of families and much, much more.

This I know. You reap what you sow. Your harvest depends entirely on what you sow. That’s what the Word of God says. I have seen this truth manifest in my life and the life of those around me time and again.

This too I have found. When I am in need, God always has me sow seed.

He may not require that of you. But if He does, obey. Sow purposely. Purpose in your heart that your seed will be your point of contact today. That it will cause your need and heavens abundance to intersect. Thereby you will join in with Gods way of prospering.

I felt God had been telling me that the way we would rise and remain above the economy of the world was in our giving. I love it when He confirms what He is telling me.

Our partner, she connected with heaven’s economy. I too join heaven’s economy and live above the world’s system – how about you?

If you need a significant harvest, sow a significant seed. If you need a continual harvest, sow continually. For you will surely reap what you sow. The enemy would want us to believe that we simply can’t give with the way the economy is. He knows if he can keep us blinded, we will be bound to the economy of this world. He also knows, if we continue to give, we will rise above the world’s system and reign in heaven’s economy. He certainly doesn’t want that. Align yourself with heaven’s economy and rise above the economy of this world. Live the abundant life God said was yours…begin today. Your seed is your point of contact. Remember that.