sitting on rock
Yesterday I read the prophetic word from Marsha Burns, it was so profound, not as a prophetic word only but as a way of life. Let me share it with you today.


You can either live in the soft breeze of My Spirit or in the whirlwind of your own making. It is the difference between walking in the Spirit and living in the flesh. The choice is yours. But, it would be good for you to quiet your emotional responses and knee-jerk reactions to circumstances, and let Me lead you in the way of peace, says the Lord.

Luke 21:19 “By your patience possess your souls.”

I love how she says a soft breeze of the Spirit or a whirlwind of your own making. I have seen this happen over and over again. Something will happen and the person will immediately have the very worst first reaction possible. When it turns out that it wasn’t nearly as bad as it appeared in the beginning. Which tells us that if they had remained in peace, it would have been a soft breeze of the Spirit but instead they – THEY – made it a whirlwind and it takes a while for a whirlwind to stop spinning.

The Bible says the enemy is like a roaring lion. Meaning he wants us to become immediately afraid when he roars – but we do not have to allow fear to be our first reaction. We must remember that he is LIKE a roaring lion – he isn’t a lion, actually we serve the Lion of the tribe of Judah…the devil is a fake, he can only roar and if we refuse to react to his roar, we will remain in perfect peace and remain in the breeze that is the Spirit of God.

I learned many years ago that my first reaction often determined the outcome. It wasn’t that God didn’t want a good outcome; it was that my reaction of fear created an atmosphere where God could not work. God works in atmospheres of faith. God can still work it out for our good but our first reaction, if not one of faith, can also cause delays.

Marsha also said; it would be good for you to quiet your emotional responses and knee-jerk reactions to circumstances. This is why we generally have a bad first reaction; we allow our emotions to take over. Because we allow our emotions to be in charge instead of our faith, we have a knee-jerk reaction. That knee-jerk reaction causes us to create a whirlwind of our own making.

Knowing all this, all we have to do is stop having knee-jerk reactions and instead allow our faith to be our first response.

I think one thing that will help us to do this is to pray daily and ask God to cause us to see things from his perspective and that he would cause us to react in the manner that Jesus would react, in faith.

It is vital to keep our mouth closed and our emotions in check until we can speak and respond in faith and faith alone. This will affect our outcome and it will affect how long we remain in the battle.

The Bible says we are to have a GOD kind of faith. When we operate in a God kind of faith, we will respond in a God way.

When we start doing things Gods way, we will continually walk in His peace, no matter what comes our way. Isn’t that what we all want? To walk in continual peace. I know it is what I want therefore I am determined in my heart to live in the soft breeze of His spirit, be led by His spirit and therefore walk in and remain in peace. From this day forth, in Jesus name. Amen.