Over the past few weeks, I have spent a great deal of time studying about harvest. As well as, the spiritual aspects of tilling the ground. What the Bible says about sowing seed and tending the harvest is interesting.
One night, I was sitting at the table, with a half dozen dictionary’s all around me. I was reading about the process of tilling and getting ready for harvest. I don’t recall which dictionary I was reading at the time, but two words captured my attention. Water & watch.
As I read those words, I began to think about what I did, every single day, since I planted my garden.
Each evening, I would check to see if the plants needed water. If they did, I watered them before the day ended.
Each morning, I would go outside and look at each plant. To see how they were doing. If there were weeds, I removed them. If I saw any evidence of bugs, I treated them. I did whatever needed to be done at that time.
Each day I was doing two things; watering and watching.
Watering, as we know is vital to all seed. You can plant the best seed in the very best soil, yet, if it is not watered, it will not grow. Frankly, if it goes without water long enough, it will die.
If you have sown seeds into good ground, remember, they still need water.
How do we water? With the word of God!
Ephesians 5 talks about the water of the word. We must continually and persistently water our seed through prayer. And through the word of God.
Perhaps you have sown financial seeds. Perhaps you are not seeing your harvest yet. Are you watering your seed? A seed without water will never germinate. Water your financial seeds by finding scripture to speak over your seeds. When you have lack, remind God of His word. Declare, “God, Your words says when I give it is given unto me, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Therefore, I believe I receive increase being given to me, running over increase is coming my way, now, in Jesus name!” In doing so, you water your seeds sown.
When you tithe, water your tithe with a word filled declaration. Declare, “Father, Your word says in Malachi 3, when I tithe, You open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing I can’t contain. It says You will rebuke the devourer for my sake. I have tithed, I expect open heavens over my finances. I expect You to rebuke every devourer for my sake, just as You said You would. May it be unto me according to Your word, this day, in Jesus name.”
Whatever seed you have in the ground, water it. Water your seeds of divine health with the word of God. Water the seeds you have sown in your children with the word of God. Every seed needs water. It cannot grow without it.
After water, you must watch.
Watch means to tend, to guard, to look at with expectation.
Each morning, I walked outside to check on my plants. I did not go outside with the thought of “nothing is happening, this will never work.” No. I went outside fully expecting to see growth. And growth is what I saw, morning after morning.
I planted my seed. I made sure it remained well watered. And I watched. I expected harvest to come forth. And it did.
What are you expecting today? Do you expect your seed to create a tremendous harvest? Are you watering and watching? Are you watering with the word and expecting a harvest? If so, harvest is exactly what you will see. Keep watering. Keep watching. It is growing and increasing. Even when you don’t see it, it is happening. Water and watch and enjoy your harvest!