In the book of John, we find Jesus talking with His disciples. He was talking to them about His death, even though they didn’t get understand it.

In John 14, Jesus was talking to His disciples about the place He was about to go to. He said to them in verse 4; And where I go, you know, and the way you know.

This puzzled the disciples as they replied; ‘Lord, we do not know where you are going, and how can we know the way.’

Jesus was trying to help them see that they had already become acquainted with where they were going and how they would get there. They would soon see it was because they had daily walked with Jesus, who is the way. They became acquainted with way as they became acquainted with Him.

In John 14:6, Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life.

As I meditated on this scripture over the weekend, I began to study these famous words of Jesus.

The way is defined as; the journey, the way of travelers, a manner of thinking, feeling and deciding.

The truth is defined as; the truth of God, loving and speaking truth, what is real and true apart from emotions.

The life is defined as; the absolute fulness of life, the blessed life of God.

Jesus was saying I am the ONLY path to God, I am the absolute truth, there is no truth apart from Me, and I am the ONLY real life.

Everything we could possibly need is found in one place…Jesus Christ. Apart from Him there is no other way, truth or life.

He is the only roadmap to God. He is the true measure of righteousness. And He alone, is the only source of both physical and spiritual life.

He was saying, I am the way…follow Me.

We are all looking for the life that God promised us through Jesus. That’s the destiny we continue to press toward. To find that Zoe life of God, we must, absolutely MUST, follow Jesus.

We must talk the way He talks, walk the way He walks, and think the way He thinks…and He thinks like His Father.

We cannot speak against the word of God and expect to walk in the promises of God. We cannot fail to do what the word of God says and expect to walk in the blessings of God…it is simply not going to happen.

He is the way. If we want to daily walk in the manifested blessings of God, He is our way. His very life shows us the way. His way of thinking shows us the way. His way of believing shows us the way.

I have heard many prophecies lately about the next 40 days and the next 50 days moving into the new Jewish year. While I believe those prophecies, I also believe, most if not all, prophecies require some action on our part.

As I sought the Lord about the next season, this is the verse that came to mind. If I follow Jesus, His way and His truth then I am fully persuaded I will walk and dwell in the Zoe life of God. If I follow Him, I will walk in the manifested promises of those prophecies.

Jesus is the word that came and dwelt among us. Follow Him, and we will be following life. Follow Him and we will be walking the journey to LIFE, the Zoe, the blessed life of God, the abundant life Jesus died to give us. How awesome is that!

Prayer for Today: Father, teach us to follow Jesus in all we do, say and think…I acknowledge that He is the ONLY way….therefore I choose to daily follow Him. In Jesus name. Amen.

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