I want to share a song with all of my friends who need a breakthrough. It doesn’t matter what area you need it in, finances, health, family, ministry…. the same God brings breakthrough in all areas.

I was weary last week – then someone sent me a song…not just any song – a GOD inspired song. It touched the deepest part of me – it has been my breakthrough song and my song of prophetic declaration this week. What a blessing it has been and will continue to be.

If you need breakthrough, go to iTunes and purchase this song… Giants by CityOne Music written by Jared Evans.

It will usher you into an atmosphere of breakthrough….an atmosphere of expectancy…an atmosphere of peace beyond measure…

And please share this on your facebook timeline – you never know who needs to hear their prophetic breakthrough song today!!!

Kim Potter

GIANTS by Jared Evans & CityOne Music