Not too long ago, I wrote an article for, Change the Narrative. This article and what God revealed to me through it has been on my mind for two weeks. I feel strong God is saying, WE MUST CHANGE OUR WORDS and CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.

I have a question, what are your thoughts when you pull up at the gas station these days? What are your FIRST thoughts? And what words come out of your mouth?

What are your first thoughts when you go into the grocery stores these days? What words come out of your mouth concerning the state of the shelves or missing foods?

I’ve heard many words concerning these two things and mostly from Christians. Here is what I hear… “they say gas is going to keep going up! Oh, my word, gas is $4.50 a gallon today, it keeps getting worse.” Or, “They say there is going to be a shortage of food, it is happening, I can’t find…..”

Many of us are agreeing with what the naysayers have to say. Why? Do we not know life and death is in the power of the tongue? Do we not remember, if we agree as touching anything, it shall be done? Have we forgotten the tower of Babel, they will have anything they imagine, nothing will be impossible for them? Since all these things are BIBLICALLY true, it applies here.

If we agree gas prices must go down, then nothing will be impossible for us. If we agree and declare there will be no food shortage, all things are possible to him who believes. What we need to do, what we MUST do, is stop agreeing with those who are speaking the opposite of what we want to see happen. We must choose to be like Joshua and Caleb and refuse to be like the others who only saw the giants.

So, what then do we do? Here is what I do.

When I see gas prices, I say, “Thank you God there is life and death in the power of my tongue, thank you that I have what I say, today, I declare, gas prices are going down in Jesus’ name. Gas, listen to me, your prices go down now in the mighty name of Jesus. I remind you God, your Word says I have what I say, I say, gas prices will stop going up and go down from this day forth.”

When I shop for groceries, I say, “Father, I declare these shelves are filled with plenty. There is NO food shortage here or anywhere else, we call these lies exposed and declare there is more than enough of every food source for anyone who has need of it. Food is plentiful for you are the God who does abundantly above all we can ask or think, thank you for an abundance of food, today and every day.”

I refuse to agree with the enemy – so should you.

I have attached the original article at the end of this writing. Please read it and then please join me today AND everyday in changing the narrative and in doing so, changing the outcome. One person can’t do this alone, we must all agree and declare together – let’s do this…together.

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