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A Day of New Beginnings – It’s Happening

Everywhere I have turned the last couple days I am hearing the same thing; August is the month of new beginnings. Now, I understand we hear these things all the time but I know in my spirit that this one is for real.

How do I know? I am already seeing the effects of it. God had told me a couple days ago that August was the month of new beginnings. Later, I got on my computer and someone had sent me an email of a prophecy that August was a month of new beginnings. Then the Lord spoke this to me; it’s a month of new beginnings, a new season, don’t take any of your old baggage into your new season.

That’s a really good word – so I told the Lord, ‘okay, well, then there are some things I need for you to take care of before August 1st.’ It was that simple – and He did. All my old baggage left yesterday – I am walking into the new season with no baggage at all, only great expectations!

God has gifted me with the ability to understand and know spiritual times and seasons and one thing I know – today begins a new season. It is not going to happen – it is happening now! Right now, as you are reading this, the old season has passed away and God is doing a new thing! Right now, it is happening.

Now, if you weren’t prepared for this word, don’t be concerned, simply ask God to show you any old baggage and drop it today and determine that you are walking into your new season with no baggage. God can get rid of all your baggage in a moments time.

He desires for you to leave the past behind – don’t let the past ruin the future he has for you – let it go. All those hurts and disappointments – let them go. Choose to trust one more time. Believe one more time. Move forward and press into Him one more time.

There is a scripture that says disappointment makes the heart sick but when the promise comes, it is the tree of life. That scripture has been on my heart the past couple days – I am seeing the tree of life in my own life.

There is a time when everything lines up spiritually, when that happens – everything in the natural must line up as well – that is the time we are in. Things are lined up spiritually in a way they haven’t been for a hundred years – the natural must follow.

For myself, I was so excited last night I couldn’t sit still. I went to bed early just so I could get up early because I knew that I knew that today began a new season – my friend, I am ready for a new season. I don’t know about you but the last season left me tired and battle worn – but today I am refreshed and renewed and excited about all God is doing. It is happening – now.

Don’t miss this day – get right in the middle of it – trust this word that today is the day of new beginnings and begin to step out into your new season – it is waiting for you. God is eager to show you His tree of life – eat of it.