We can’t watch the world going in one direction and decide we had better go that way too. We have to listen and hear God’s voice and follow Him, whether that means staying put when it looks impossible to prosper – or packing up all your belonging and moving across the country when you know no one and have no idea what is going to happen next – the vital part is obedience…in obedience we do receive that hundred fold return that Isaac ate of during famine.

The moment God spoke to Isaac he had a decision to make; a life or death decision that affected not only him but his entire family. If he didn’t leave for Egypt, where there was food, and if things didn’t work out, his family would starve to death. It looked hopeless, but he chose to obey God and stay put. His obedience gave the following outcome: Isaac planted crops in the land and the same year reaped a hundredfold return, because the Lord blessed him.
Why does the Bible say he reaped a hundred fold return? Not because he sowed seed, nor because he sowed in famine…but because he obeyed God and God blessed him.
Whatever God is telling you to do, whether it is to go or to stay – obey God – your blessing is tied up in your obedience. If God has instructed you to do a certain thing; do it. Your obedience will bring forth your blessing.