Always remember when the enemy is hitting that hard and often, he is attempting to get your focus off God and the wonderful blessings that are on the way to you. Refuse to get your eyes off the prize. You will get what you set your eyes and heart upon – if it is the aggravation of the little things, that is all you will have. But if you keep your focus on God – you will see all He has for you come to you without hindrance.

Don’t let the little things slow you down for a moment, continue to look to the Word of God and the wonderful things He is doing in your life – don’t allow the distractions of the enemy to slow you down – press on and do so with a thankful heart. Remember, God keeps us in perfect peace. When? When our mind is stayed upon Him. Any time peace is not present, stop and remind yourself to get your focus back on God and peace will return – His peace – shalom – nothing broken and nothing missing. Selah!