I know there are many of you that God has spoken words to, months ago or even years ago. Do you know what He was doing? He was prophesying the end result. He was declaring the end from the beginning. His first words were His final words, all you have to do is keep walking and keep believing. And agree with Him – prophesy what He said your end result would be. Declare it! Refuse to settle for anything less.

We are in a season of fulfillment. Abraham saw fulfillment of what God declared about Him. David became King, just as God said He would. And Joseph…everything He believed God showed Him came to pass, just as God said it would. It is the same for you and I today. If He said it, He will do it. There is NO DOUBT about it. You will see the fulfillment of those words spoken to you from the Lord. You have His word on it and His word is infallible. Praise the Lord God Almighty!