God loves us so – I have been overwhelmed with His love the past few days – He loves us so that He wants us to live, once again, in the place He originally prepared just for us – the place of Eden – the Promised Land – the land flowing with milk and honey where we walk with Him daily. Would you like to live there? I would! I do and I will. There are things I must do to remain in this place – old attitudes I have to lay down. Hurts I have to forgive and things I have to lie down and move past. I can’t let my past hold me back. I can’t let the fear of the future stop me from entering in. It’s just like it was with Joshua and Caleb – I must know that I am well able to possess it – for one reason alone – God said I could. God said you could.

This is the place He has prepared for you – it is my prayer today that you enter in. Allow me to pray for you.DSC_3783

Father, Abba Father, You love us so – that You have prepared a place for us to dwell. A place of safety. A place of provision. A place of unity and peace. A place of healthy and whole relationships. A place of healing and wholeness. We desire to enter into that place today. I ask You to cause each person reading this to enter in today – let nothing hold them back – let this be the day – just as it was in the Old Testament – let this be the day that they enter into their Promised Land and dwell there all the days of their lives. Allow Your love to lead and guide us into the place that You have prepared and Jesus has paid for us to live, the good life. Our good life is in You and we step into it this day. Now, Abba Father, walk with us daily – don’t visit us – dwell in us, as we dwell in You, walk with us, speak to us continually in this place we have stepped into. We thank You for loving us so much that You never gave up and You made a way for us to once again, dwell in this place, the land flowing with your abundance and sweetness – our Promised Land. Amen and So Be it.