It is God’s will for your life to reflect what is in heaven.  That is HIS WILL for you.  If you are living in anything less, it is NOT His will.  His will is that things in your world line up with the way things are in His world.  That you live in the Kingdom that Jesus died to give you, in SHALOM, nothing broken and nothing missing.

We should never be pleased to dwell in a level of existence lower than that which God has made possible for us to dwell in.  We should instead strive to be the best we can be and reach the highest levels we can reach.  To settle for less is to be unfaithful stewards of the life given to us through the cross of Christ.

On earth as it is in heaven…that is God’s will for us.  Is that what you are seeing in your own life, heaven on earth?  No?  then press on, move upward, press in until you see it.  It is His will and if it is His will then He can bring it to pass, don’t you think?  Heaven on earth…settle for no less.  Never, never settle for less than what God has said is yours…never.