Jesus came that we might have and ENJOY life and ENJOY it to the full, until it overflows. How many of us can say we are doing that?

I will say this; maybe it is my age, or maybe I have simply matured in God, either way this I know; life it too short to be miserable. It accomplishes nothing to be miserable, or unhappy. It changes nothing. If it changes nothing to be miserable, why not just be filled with joy? I say it often and I will say it again; God works in atmospheres. Make sure your atmosphere is one of peace and joy, as much as you can. God has promised us Jubilee and Jubilee is a time of great joy. Why not choose to have great joy?

I encourage you today, do this one thing; enjoy life. Love life. Cherish it. Love each day and enjoy it to the full. Laugh. Play. Hug someone. Give to someone. Make someone’s day. Play with your kids. Put the housework to the side for a day and play. Lay down that pile of work and run through the grass barefoot, do something fun today and laugh and have joy. This is a happy time in God…don’t miss it.DSC_1392