Are you in a place where you have stood in faith and it looks worse instead of better?  It appears that there is more turmoil, more lack, more sickness or more division?  If that is where you are, it is a sure sign that you have hit something in the spirit and the enemy has set out to stop you.  Don’t stop.  Refuse to stop.  Instead go full speed ahead.  Hit him with your best shot.  Continue to declare the end from the beginning.  Continue to speak the word of God only.  Continue to tithe and give.  Continue to sow seeds of faith.  Continue to pray and fast.  Continue and refuse to quit.  You will find yourself in the category of those who produced fruit, maybe even a hundred fold and won’t that irritate the enemy.

Remember he is fighting a battle he has already lost, and you are standing for a victory that has already been won.  All you have to do is stand.   Stand and watch the word produce a harvest.  Praise the Lord!