The word of God is plain, yes, we are to witness to sinners and tell them about Jesus. However, in our daily walk, in those we choose to be in covenant with or allow to speak into our lives, they must first be aligned with God and His word.

I will not align myself spiritually with someone who is in rebellion against God. I will not covenant with those who are not following God. I choose to align myself with those who are first and foremost aligned with God and His word.

Sometimes it is hard to tell at first, who is truthfully aligned with God and who isn’t. However, all you have to do is watch what they say and what they do, observe their fruit.  Their fruit will tell you all you need to know.

I want you to have peace in relationships, especially covenant relationships and to do that you must carefully watch who you align with. Light and darkness cannot mix. Make sure you are aligned with God and His word and then, choose close friends who are also aligned with God and His word. This will bring strength and stability to all involved.

Just as a vehicle is unsafe when mis-aligned, so are spiritual friendships. Just as the body is weak and in pain when it is mis-aligned, so are covenant relationships. Seek God today and ask Him to show you any places in your life where you are not properly aligned with Him, with His word, with His will and His covenant relationships for your life.

Alignment is important it is vital.