Psalm 5:12 says that the Lord surrounds us with a shield of His love.

Think for a moment, don’t you recall times in your life when you felt so loved that you felt protected, like you had a hero?  I know I have.  I can tell you that is the best feeling in the world.  That is what God has for you, a love that makes you feel safe and protected.  He IS your hero.  He is the ultimate Hero.  He will never fail you.  His love will never fail you.  His love never fails.

Let me leave you with this final thought about the Apostle John.  John died an old man; he was the only Apostle who lived out his life as an old man.  This Apostle knew one thing for certain; God loved him, Jesus loved him.  That love sustained him throughout his life.  You can know that same love, it’s yours for the taking, for you too are the disciple whom the Lord loves.

It is my hope and my prayer for you today – that THIS day, you experience that love. Agape love from God.  That His love would overtake you even as you read this today.  May you be filled with the fullness of His love.