When God gives you instruction.  Or when He tells you something that will take place in your life, don’t build walls of doubt and reasoning.  Simply take Him at His word.  Declare in faith, “Lord, I believe, be it unto me as You have said, for with You, God, nothing is impossible.”

Perhaps you, like me, have had walls of resistance in your thoughts.  Tear them down through prayer.  Destroy them through spending time meditating on His word.  Choose to think like God thinks.

Choose to have the mind of Christ.  A mind and thoughts that are fully persuaded that God will do exactly what He said he would do.  A mind that never doubts or wavers.  A mind that doesn’t try to figure it out.

Today, may you have the mind of Christ.  May you have the thoughts of Christ.  May you simply believe.  And as you do, may you see a performance of those things spoken to you from the Lord.