In Philippians 3:13, Paul tells us ‘don’t look back.’ Here he is saying that he has not yet attained where you wants to be but he doesn’t look back – he keeps going.

While it may be good at times to examine the season before, often looking back can cause us to become stuck – especially if we failed to see the outcome we desired in that season. The things we must refuse to look back at are the disappointments, the hard times, the hurts and pains of that season. There may have been people in your life that disappointed you or hurt you during that season – if you continue to hold that in your heart and refuse to let it go, it will hinder you or even stop you from ever reaching your destiny.

Therefore, in this new Hebrew year, and in upcoming 2020, I want to encourage you to do as the Lord has said ‘don’t look back’ instead look forward – let the disappointments of 2019 and the past go. Let the hurts go – let all the things that would hinder you in the next season go…instead do as Paul did and press forward into your destiny and into your future.

Paul didn’t stop by simply saying to ‘not look back.’ He went on to say that after he refused to look back, he pressed forward into all God had for him. But, he didn’t stop there – he said once he refused to look back, and pressed forward – he even ‘lengthened his stride.’

We look FORWARD!