From the Archives….

A few years ago I read an article by Joyce Meyer, I don’t recall the title, but in it she said that we should stand in faith for one thing at a time and focus on that one thing. I remember thinking at the time that I didn’t need just one thing to take place, I needed dozens and I needed them all right now – therefore I couldn’t possibly stand in faith for one thing at a time.

Over the years I have thought about that article when it feels like I am standing in faith for a million things all at once. Through time and prayer I have come to agree with her that it is much easier to stand in faith for one thing at a time, or at least just a few at a time.

I am a very focused individual in life. I generally set about a task and can’t stop until it is finished. That’s just the way I am. Even in house cleaning – I have a system – I start at one end of the house and clean and organize one room at a time and don’t move on to the next room until I have completed the last one.

Now, my sister and my daughter are the opposite – they start cleaning a room and then they stop in that room and take something to put it up in another room – while they are in the second room, they find something in there that needs to be done so they completely forget about the first room which is still unfinished – and so on – in doing this, they never really complete a room and it frustrates them.

When Breanne really needs to organize she calls me – and I go and help her and we quickly get it done…that is if I can keep her focused. Focused, staying focused is the key. I have always applied this to my natural life but somehow felt I could pray about a dozen things at once and focus on each of them.

I still have many things to pray about daily and I do but I have learned to make just a few my priority, my focus. I have learned to make my list and decide what is most vital and concentrate on those – in the meantime, I still confess and declare the word over the rest of my needs but I really go to battle on just a few things.

When I say, I really go to battle, I mean I concentrate on those particular things – press into God in prayer on those priorities. I have found, just as Joyce said, if I do that – I will see more progress in my prayer life.

The word of God is like an arrow – if we aim at a particular thing, we will hit it – but if we are trying to aim at 40 things at once, we will probably not hit the majority of them and we will become frustrated.

I want to encourage you today to focus your prayer time and confession time on one, two or at the most, three things – press in through prayer and the word of God on those and see a manifestation, then move on to the next. I can promise you that you won’t feel so overwhelmed and you will begin to see more results quickly. At least that is the way it has worked for me.