Romans 12:2 tells us to renew our mind that we might know the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. We renew our mind with the word of God.
I encourage you today to begin to renew your mind to the fact, the truth that every barrier in your life has been removed – it was removed when you accepted Jesus into your life. Nothing can stop you from possessing all God has for you – nothing but you. Just as it was with the children of Israel, the only thing that stopped them was what they thought. They thought they were grasshoppers in the eyes of the people – they were wrong. The people of that land saw them as men and women of God and they feared them.

It is the exact same with you – you may think the enemy thinks you have no power – you would be wrong – he knows that you are men and women of God and he fears you. He especially fears you gaining this knowledge.

Remove the barrier in your mind by transforming it through the word of God. Get your right mind back, the mind of Christ and realize that there are no more barriers for you – no more limits. Don’t starve in the land of abundance…after all that is where you are if you are a son or daughter of God.