I know many people think that some devils are only cast out through fasting and prayer. But scripture teaches us that Jesus always cast out devils with the word. Why was His word so powerful? Because did not possess unbelief. In this scripture I believe Jesus was teaching us how to get rid of unbelief. Frankly, I don’t understand how going without food can get rid of unbelief, I only know it is what Jesus said and that is enough for me. How about you? Have you ever prayed and stood in faith for something and then your mind and thoughts begin to talk to you and say things like ‘how will this ever happen?’ or ‘Do you really think God can do this?’

That is unbelief and needs to be dealt with. You see, the devil is not our biggest problem anymore – actually he is very seldom our problem. Our problem is in our mind – that is where unbelief is revealed and increased. We must tell our carnal mind to shut up and declare that we believe God and regardless of how impossible it looks, we know that God is well able to do this thing. Unbelief is an enemy to you. It is an enemy to your promise.

Don’t allow it in your life. Remember…unbelief is simply being skeptical, questioning, being not fully convinced that God will do what He said He would do. That is unbelief. God help our unbelief today. How do we get rid of it? Three ways I know. As Jesus said ‘through fasting and prayer.’ By renewing our mind to the word of God. Then by confessing and declaring until our mind begins to fully believe, to become fully persuaded that it will happen. Not that it could or maybe…no! You must get to the place where you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that is will come to pass. When you get there – you can rest assured that unbelief has been dealt with. At that point, you will walk in the fullness of your measure of faith – just as God intended for you to. And you will enter into the promises of God – just as Joshua and Caleb did.