This is what the Lord says, He who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters, He who brings out the chariot and the horse, the army and the mighty warrior, (They will lie down together, they will not rise again; They have been extinguished, they have been put out like a lamp’s wick): “Do not remember the former things, or ponder the things of the past. “Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:16-19
The God who makes the way when there seems to be no way is here. The One who is extinguishing your enemies. The One who is doing a new thing in your life…even this day.

I am excited! For me and for you. I am ready. I am pressing into God with my whole being. And I am humbling myself under the mighty hand of God.